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In the world things just seem to get more expensive by the day, we want to make sure we’re an oasis of sales and discounts at That’s why we make sure that we have the cheapest, most inexpensive blinds for your home. Get the quality while you pay for low prices! Cheap blinds usually mean two things. On the positive side, your blinds can be inexpensive, and they can be of good quality. On the negative side, your blinds can be inexpensive....and they can be of poor quality. This is a normal happening when you purchase from makers that source many different brands for all of their blinds sales.

At ZebraBlinds, we work with a core trifecta of window treatment companies. Graber, Norman, Comfortex and Crown are well respected producers of quality blinds. As our blinds are made in North America, it’s easy and fast for us to deliver our products to you. They’re waiting in warehouses, ready to be customized to your liking! We work on the positive side- we want to give you discounted blinds that are made with quality. We only work with four producers to sure all of our quality control values are met. ZebraBlinds works hard at choosing the best brands so that you could avoid to replacing your blinds over and over. Our cheap window blinds can be bought in Canada since ours is a Canadain registered, company, and you pay only GST/HST. They come with easy to understand installation guides, and limited lifetime warranties. We can also get installers to do the installation work for you, ZebraBlinds can help you find an installer to measure and install. All customization of your window blinds can be done on our website, and then reap the fruits of your labour when your blinds are shipped to your door! Choose from colours, styles, slat size, cord control, and many more options when you create your own blinds. The easiest process is sitting down at your couch, kicking your feet up, and just looking through our great selection until you find something you like.
No walking from store to store, no talking to workers who don’t know much about blinds, and no driving from place to place. Everything you need- whether its prices, inventories or information- is right at your fingertips! Fill in a few customization choices, and then snap your fingers- we’ll get your blinds to you lickety-split! Window blinds are an easy way to decorate your home in a no fuss manner. They don’t consume space, like drapes, and are more versatile than a shade or shutter. You can raise them completely, tilt your slats to a degree of coverage that you prefer, and they’ll stay snug in your window frames all the while. Whether you’re looking to match your furniture, your floors or your wall paint, we’ll be able to set you up with the colours you prefer at the prices that you love! Visit us at for more information about our affordable blinds!

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