1-inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme Graber Blinds

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Aluminum Blinds are stylish window coverings that will become the centerpiece of your home. Aluminum Cordless Supreme Graber Blinds are ideal for environments with children and pets. They are easy to instal and maintain that you would not think of any other window coverings.1 Inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme are easily raised and lowered without cords at the touch of a finger making them new and innovative product for your home.

1-inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme Graber Blinds Product Detail

1 Inch Aluminum Blinds are ideal for environments that are accessible by children or pets such as kid’s room. 1 Inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme Blinds comes with a motor that runs smoothly and soundlessly you would not even know it is working. These Graber Aluminum blinds come in .006 or .008 gauge. 1 Inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme Graber blinds have the option of hidden holes that gives you the option to control light and privacy levels. Graber Aluminum Blinds add style with the vast amount of colours available to your home while protecting the blinds from scratch, stains, dust and mold. Graber Aluminum Blinds require regular dusting and they will be in good conditions. Graber Aluminum Blinds will be a nice touch to your windows.


- Great for children's rooms and play areas
- Choose .006 or .008 gauge 1" aluminum slats
- Cordless system allows blind to be raised and lowered easily with the touch of a finger
- Improved safety for households with children and pets
- Eliminates unsightly cords
- Hidden Holes option for additional light control and privacy
- Patented, sleek headrail design features a light-blocking lip, requires no valance
- Hidden headrail brackets reduce light gaps
- Gear-driven motor provides smooth, quiet operation
- Our painting process makes slats resist dust, stains, scratches, mold and mildew
- Color-coordinated components provide a finished look
- Cordless handle keeps the blind clean

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