1 Inch Aluminum One Touch Blinds Crown

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1-inch aluminum blinds are the epitome of the modern-day fashion in window treatments. Very cutting-edge, they blend into any decor type, offering unlimited pizzazz to any room. Its 6-gauge aluminum build gives it sleekness as well as durability and ceaseless functionality. A cost effective window treatment, they are versatile for use just about anywhere.

1 Inch Aluminum One Touch Blinds Crown Product Detail

Aluminum blinds are among some of the best blinds suited for those strapped for a big budget. This up-graded version offers sleek modernity while accommodating more traditional styles of decor. The 1-inch vanes afford a brilliant outdoor view, allowing optimum ventilation and illumination for interiors.

The 1-inch one-touch Crown aluminum blinds come in an exciting array of colors that can be matched to virtually all color schemes – bone, mocha, brushed gold and silver to name a few. They are durable and moisture-proof, making them an option suited to high humidity and high traffic areas – kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc.

These aluminum blinds can be mounted both inside and outside window frames, and come engineered with a one-touch option fixed to the bottom rail. This one touch feature allows absolute fuss-free operation of the blinds – just press the button to tilt the blinds open or close. A simple push or pull of the integrated hand control on the bottom rail allows for raising or lowering of the blinds. The sleek, light-weight 1-inch slats allow for smooth and easy operation. Notice the absence of dangling loops and cords that prevents entanglement of children and pets.

These blinds are best suited to mild weather areas as metal is a conductor; therefore, it conducts outdoor temperature with ease. It also lacks insulation properties, so would not suit for regions with frigid climates.


- Completely cordless 1" aluminum mini blinds at an affordable price!
- Eliminating the lift cord and the titter wand, provides a clean uncluttered look
- The cordless mini blind has an integrated control handle on the bottom rail that tilts the blind open and closed with one simple touch
- A simple push or pull to the bottom rail raises or lowers the blind
- The lightweight 7-gauge aluminum slats ensure smooth and reliable operation for years
- Safe, simple, great looking
- No cords for children or pets to get tangled in
- No cords on the floor or in the sink

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