2½ inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds

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Are you looking for 2 1/2 Inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds

Are you looking for Norman 2” Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds for your windows? Well, we regret to inform you that we at ZebraBlinds going ahead will not sell Norman products on our website. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Alternative To 2½ inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds

    2½ Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for alternative products to Norman 2½ inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds, help us take you through some of the products that are being offered on our website:

You can give 2½ Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds a try. Boasting of wider slat sizes, these blinds are superb. They are functional and also stunners in terms of look. They address your privacy concerns and also take care of your light controlling needs.

Graber Blinds are a great alternative as they are one of the largest window covering manufacturers in North America and provide high quality blinds manufactured in the US. We recommend them for their high quality materials and their excellent warranty programs.

2½ inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds Product Detail
  • The patented feature of SmartPrivacy gives a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle along with understated elegance to the room.
  • They are Hard Window treatments and are perfect for any room in the house - living room, bedrooms, kitchens and even for kid's rooms.
  • Faux wood Privacy Blinds are durable to external factors like - water, heat and fire, making them a safe addition to our windows.
  • The tilt option can be chosen to be a corded one, and you can also select the control location as per your convenience.
  • There are numerous color choices available for these blinds, and some of the most sought-after colors that can jazz up your home with beauty and grace are as follows- Alabaster, Birch, Bright White, Pearl, Cherry, Chestnut, Dark Mahogany, and many more.
  • While installing, you can also do so for two blinds in one headrail which ensure stability due to its sturdiness.