2½ Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

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These superb blinds from Graber can be a cause of excitement & joy for you as you will get multiple benefits from these blinds that comprise of overall look enhancement for your home, superior window coverings, efficient management of your privacy, great light controlling capabilities and above all its budget friendly reasonable price points and plus discounts zebrablinds.ca offer. You  cannot afford to miss some of the superior features that these blinds are made of.

2½ Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds Product Detail

These blinds from Graber are an effective combination of style and technology. The overall appearance of these blinds is near about that of wood blinds; however, they are far less expensive when compared to wood blinds. Since these have 2 ½ Inch slats, the number of slats in this blinds will be less making this lightweight and more visibility to the outside. There are a number of different color choices available like Natural, Phantom, Sienna, Coconut textured, Honey Maple, Marshmallow, Wheat, White, Milky Way, Cherry, Buttermilk, Coconut, Cognac, Morel and many more. This wide assortment of colors will help you coordinate the overall décor of your home with the color of the blinds that will enhance the style quotient of your home to a large extent. The PVC foam with Vinyl  is used to make these blinds slats to ensure that these blinds are flame resistant dust free, moisture resistant and are eco-friendly.  These blinds are extremely safe to be installed in one’s home that has kids, pets or elderly people as they do not let out any toxic materials. You can customize the look of the blinds further by choosing different kinds of decorative and designer tapes that are available for these blinds and control the light that enters your house. With these blinds, you can illuminate your home as per your needs, and you can get a greater control over your privacy. The cordless option of control for these blinds is available along with the standard blinds only but not available with no hole option. The SureClose® Headrail feature is standard which make this blinds  make sure it's closed fully without much light seepage.The color of the cords can be matched with the color of the blinds so that they do not stand out as an extra fitment that might mar the beauty of the blinds.


- Solid or woodgrain moisture-resistant PVC slats
- NoHoles option available for maximum privacy; not available with cordless
- Trapezoid bottomrail for superior closure; available on premium faux wood blinds only
- Rectangular bottomrail; available on faux wood blinds only

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