2 Inch PerfectVue Shades

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Graber’s Perfect Vue Shades are specially designed for customers who look for flexibility in light, thermal, and privacy control. The Perfect Vue combines sheer light filtering fabrics that occupy the top half of the shade with a room darkening or blackout cellular fabric on the bottom half, joined by a midrail, allowing you to alter the mood of the room. These two-inch pleats are recommended for large scale window treatments.

2 Inch PerfectVue Shades Product Detail

Graber has a wide variety of fabrics to compliment your interiors. For the upper half of the shades, there are the options of EvenPleat and FashionPleat fabrics. The beauty of even pleated fabrics is that have a back ladder support system that keeps the pleats in place ensuring that they are evenly spaced irrespective of how often they are used, and prevents sagging for the life of the fabric. The fashion pleated shades, on the other hand, have the same look but lack the back ladder support system; hence, they are an economical buy. The Fashion Pleat is not offered with the cordless lift system. The stylistic simplicity of pleated shades in conjunction with the superior design and function of the air-trapping cellular shades is absolutely unbeatable!

For the bottom cellular half of the shades, cellular fabrics that allow room darkening and blackout options are used. For room darkening fabrics, polyester is combined with wood pulp to darken the fabric whereas, for blackout fabrics, there is a metallized plastic lining within the cells of the shades that ensures black out, no matter the color of the shades. The two-inch pleated panels can be combined only with the 3/4" single cell cellular fabric. Perfect Vue shades don’t come with cut-outs, overlaps or liners.

As per the standard cord control system, the right control operates the bottom rail, and the right control operates the intermediate rail, of course, this can be reversed on request. The head rail coordinates with the top pleated fabric whereas the bottom rail coordinates with the bottom cellular fabric. The mid rail will be designed to match the headrail, but it can be designed to match the bottom rail instead if required.


- Highly energy efficient
- Solutions for numerous privacy and light-control needs
- Offered in three cell sizes to match diverse decor styles
- Broad spectrum of on-trend colors to enhance every room
- All shade components are color coordinated

The Rails:

The horizontal rails enable three window shade positions. The pleated shade panel is attached to the headrail that houses control mechanism of the system and is color coordinated with the pleated panel. The lift cord passes through the geared pulley in the headrail to connect to the midrail, operating the top half of the system by the cord to the left, while another cord passes from the headrail to the bottom rail to operate the bottom half or the cellular shade panel of the system, enabled by the cord on the right. This arrangement can be reversed on request. The cord passing through the midrail is fitted with the cord release device for child and pet safety. By default, the midrail is color coordinated to the headrail, and the bottom rail matches the cellular fabric.

In an upgrade to the pleated cellular program, Graber offers the premier WoodWrapped Rails in 6 colors of varying natural colors that will blend in with the wooden elements of a room, but in the cordless option only.

The Operation Systems:

The traditional Standard Cord Lift offers ease of control, especially for expansive and high-elevation windows, making for the option of having many shades on a single head rail.

The Cordless Lift features a new system of improved design and efficiency that also feature new handles with an improved grip for the hand and the rail. Please refer to the chart for sizing considerations. The PerfectVue Shades with cordless lifts are efficient only on easily reachable windows as the handles provided on the rails need to be used together