2 Inch Graber Traditions Composite Blinds

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Create dramatic interiors - Graber offers a wonderful alternative to wooden blinds in these 2-inch Traditions composite blinds. They are exceptionally versatile as these can be used in highly humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens as well as in bedrooms and living rooms. While crafted from eco-friendly material, they are hard-wearing and extremely user friendly owing to its lightweight, and weather-proof texture. They have excellent insulation properties while allowing for filtered sunlight.

2 Inch Graber Traditions Composite Blinds Product Detail

These composite blinds provide a classy, cutting-edge feel, fitting in with all budgetary equations, especially for homes undergoing significant and costly renovations. They are wonderfully easy to use, enriching the feel of interiors at the same time. Highly adaptive due to their versatile features and available in varied shades, these blinds provide for a sleek customized ambiance.

Made from composite material or engineered wood, these blinds are lighter and more durable than real wood blinds – the absolute solution for those demanding durability. They can also be fitted into tough areas that not sutiable for other window coverings. While reducing the sun’s harmful UV rays and providing insulation against the cold, these blinds let light in through the 2-inch slats. Built from wood components and plastic, these blind slats are completely opaque, cutting down the harsh sun’s rays to protect against interior bleaching, especially in areas with vast window spaces. Composite blinds are constructed to include unique UVA inhibitors to help prevent yellowing and warping, and can be used in dry areas, in warm and humid areas, or in cold and wintry areas.

These composite blinds are fitted with a SureClose steel head rail and a trapezoid bottom rail for optimum closure and light control. Choose the cord or wand tilt control to operate the blinds, and even better, opt for motorized tilt controls. Cords, tassels and ladders are coordinated to the color of the blind, and the cords come with protective crash-proof locks.

Due to the shrink resistant nature of composite material, they find great utility in high traffic areas - office spaces, high humidity spaces like gyms, and absolutely perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where a lot of water splashing occur. Easily cleaned, they can be feather dusted or quickly wiped down with a damp cloth, and can even be immersed in water, should radical cleaning be required.

Free! A matching majestic valance with a limited lifetime warranty comes free with this product.


- Moisture-resistant multiple polymer composite slats
- NoHoles option available for maximum privacy
- Trapezoid bottomrail for superior closure

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