3/8 Inch CrystalPleat SunUp-SunDown Cellular Shades

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The most sought after union between energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, The SunUp Sun Down Cellular Shades from Graber feature the utility of two shades placed one on top of the other in one window shade system. This combines the light filtering and glare reduction benefits of lighter fabrics with the high opacity and light blocking advantages of the room darkening or blackout options of heavier fabrics, so that customers are not limited to only the functions of a single shade system.

3/8 Inch CrystalPleat SunUp-SunDown Cellular Shades Product Detail


The make-up of cellular shades consists of hollow tubular cell structures stacked one above the other to provide a barrier of air between the room and window, offering the utmost thermal insulation. In a step towards increased functionality, the shades are designed to absorb outside noise for a warm and cozy feel.

The fabric

Graber has a variety of plush Spunlace, point-bond, and woven fabrics to choose from, all made of 100% polyester fabric. For room darkening fabrics, the polyester is mixed with wood pulp for fabric opacity. In an all new approach to insulation, Graber has come up with the Cocoon Double Cell fabric design that conceals a metalized plastic film called Mylar, sandwiched between two layers of the exquisite Spunlace, to enhance the insulation and the black-out effect.

The fabrics also come with a fire resistant coating.

The Construction

For easy function and utility, 3/8” single cell the fabric is combined with 3/8” double cell fabrics. Due to its inherent design, the room darkening fabric is always attached to the head rail while the lift filtering on is attached between the midrail and the bottom rail. Th