5 ½ Inch Regal Graber Wood Cornices

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Owning a beautiful home is a desire nursed by all. A beautiful home goes a long way in keeping the spirits of a person high and stimulates the entire environment of the home with positive vibes. So now it is very much possible to have a beautiful and sparkling home as beautiful home décor is very much within your reach now. Bring home great style and eloquence in the form of 5 ½”  Regal Graber® Wood Cornices that presents the mystique beauty of wood in an excellent manner.

5 ½ Inch Regal Graber Wood Cornices Product Detail

The wood blinds of your home can be made more eyes catching if you opt to install this beautiful wood cornice over the window coverings at your home. The drapery installations can be made to appear more attractive because this wood cornice comes in a number of colors that live up to the expectation of beautifying the wood blinds. Some of the most commonly popular and highly sought after colors of this wood cornice are as follows- Almond, Cognac, Natural, Unfinished, Wheat, Walnut, Peru, Honey Maple, Ivory, Angora, Bridgewood, Dover White, Dark Walnut, Dark Cherry, Cherry Wood and many more. The natural quality of wood makes this cornice very much nature friendly and elegant.  Cleaning this cornice is also very easy, and all you need to do to preserve the new and polished look of this cornice is to wipe it on a regular basis. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean it is also one of the most convenient ways that can be employed to keep this  clean and shimmering. Large windows, as well as the wide ones, are very much the best bet for this wood cornice as a more wholesome and fuller look can be obtained for the windows by the dint of this cornice.

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Profile Number of Sections Number of Keystones Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
5 1⁄2" (14.0 cm) Regal Wood Cornice 1 0 8" (20.4 cm) 94" (238.8 cm) 8" (20.4 cm) 91 1/8" (231.5 cm)
1 94 1/16" (239.0 cm) 186 9/16" (473.9 cm) 91 3/16" (231.7 cm) 183 11/16" (466.6 cm)
3 2 186 5/8" (474.1 cm) 279 1/8" (709.0 cm 183 3/4" (466.8 cm) 276 1/4" (701.7 cm)
4 3 279 3/16" (709.2 cm)