Artisan Highlights Specialty Drapes

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The Custom Artisan Specialty Blue and Black Drapes are a Lucullan drapery panels with extensive varieties of regal fabrics like Cotton, Silk, linen, etc for Canada. It's designer's designs of various culture gives a magnificent appearance. It comes in bright shades of blue and black colors. Artisan Specialty draperies are in five different drapery styles like Back Tab, Classic Tab, Wrapped Tab, Grommet Top,  and Plain Top also comes with varieties of lining fabric.

Artisan Highlights Specialty Drapes Product Detail

These lining materials help to protect the energy efficiency measures inside the room and the leakage of the outside light. The matching valances, Fabric wrapped cornices, various styles of swags and different shapes of matching pillows increase its grandeur.

The Classic Tab Style, Back Tab style and the Wrap Tab style are modish and easier to fix without any hooks or clips and strongly suggestive for outside mount option, better for the selection of the maximum rod diameter of 2 inches. All the fabrics except sheer fabrics are not available in these styles. Special features on the back tab and the Classic Tab are 4 inches for double turned header, the tab length must be 3 1/2 inches, and the tab width must be 2 inches but for the Wrap Tab style, the tab length will be 4 1/2 inches and the tab width will be 3 1/2 inches. Tab length is included with the full drapery panel length. The decorative Wrap Tab is available in contrast or self-fabric as you prefer.

The Grommet style is futuristic and also easier to fix without any hooks or clips. The Plain Top Style is modest with decorative pole rings. Outside mount option is fine with 2inches diameter drapery rod. These grommets are available in 3 styles like square, round and diamond with four colors: Antique Gold, Black, Brushed Nickel and Satin Smoke. The manufacturer adjusts all the adjustments for the Grommet drapery panel full length. 


- Style Selection enables consumers to express their personalities, preferences and tastes.
- The broad range of fabrics, patterns and color choices will coordinate with and complement any decor.
- Made to fit almost any size window. Specific styles available in corner and bay configuration.
- Fabric appearance can vary based on lighting and selected liner
-Fabric can fade gradually over time; fading can occur at a faster rate if exposed to direct sunlight
-Stretching and shrinking can occur; amounts will vary depending on climatic conditions
-Due to fabric construction and weight variation, restrictions may apply; blackout and thermal liners are restricted on specific fabric and product styles due to weight

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Cleaning Methods

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Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product. The warranties if offered by the Graber the manufacturer for full details please go to the below link.

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Product Specifications
Min WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax HeightMin WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax Height
Back Tab
Classic Tab
Grommet Top
Plain Top
Wrapped Tab
19" 136" 18" 216" 38" 136" 18" 216"
Available Options

- Draw Types: Panel One Way Draw or Pair Draw (Standard)
- Liner Options: Standard, Thermal, Water Repellent, Blackout Liners available (Optional)
- Standard with Interlining or Water Repellent with Interlining available (Optional)
- Banding (Optional)
- Trim (Optional)
- Color Blocking (Optional)

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