Blackout Blinds and Shades

Blackout Shades

Most people stick to traditional window treatments for utilitarian purposes. But for homes in Canada, subject to harsh weathers, we bring you the multi-faceted Blackout Window Shades.

They are specially designed to withstand the rough heat and cold, to protect your house interiors, and to give you control over the natural light as well. Get confident privacy and light control with these Light Blocking Shades ranging from room-darkening to complete blackout fabrics.

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Why Choose Blackout Window Blinds and Shades

In addition to providing defense from hot summers and cold winters, there are many reasons why you should consider Blackout Blinds and Shades for your home:

Uninterrupted sleep - Be it insomnia or the night shift at work, a lack of sleep can hinder your day and also affect your health. With these Custom Blackout Shades, escape from the bright morning rays and get a restful sleep during the day to your heart's content.

Privacy -In an increasingly connected world, you can maintain a private and isolated space at home from the scrutinizing eyes of your neighbors with these window covering

Eye-catching colors - Not too ostentatious or flashy, these blinds also come in beautiful eye-catching colors, making your house look elegant and sophisticated.

Reduce glare - If you are interested in painting, photography, video-editing, or you just want to watch TV, escape from the unwanted light and glare from disturbing your work with the blackout fabrics for your windows.

Which Light Blocking Blinds Are Right for Your Canadian Home?

There are two types of blackout styles available in Canada: total blackout shades and general blackout window coverings.

Most are made from a dense material with some space at the top, bottom and sides of the blinds called a light gap, but total window blackout shade options block out all the light creating complete darkness from your window. Look for products with blackout side and sill channels that are designed to eliminate light coming in from any light gaps if you want complete darkness. Otherwise, normal blackout shades are fine for regular use.

If you're ready to enjoy better sleep or you absolutely need light control in your Canada home, browse our selection of window treatments at ZebraBlinds today. We have an array of choices to choose from and are proud to offer free shipping and free samples. With our exclusive sale offers, you can be confident you're getting the best price possible each time you shop.

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