CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

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These blackout cellular blinds are THE absolute option for those wanting utmost privacy and incredible insulation properties for controlled energy utilization in both summer and winter. Block out the harsh sun rays and protect interior elements like carpets and upholstery from fading. They are also built with classy and edgy design features that make them a complete pleasure to own. From east to west, these CrystalPleat blackout cellular shades make perfect sense for the modern lifestyle.

CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades Product Detail

CrystalPleat blackout cellular shades are made from 1. point-bonded polyester fabric that is non-porous in quality – this eliminates the tendency for dust to settle within the fabric weave, allowing for easy feather dusting or soft brush-vacuuming – and easily maintained to have them retain their fresh appeal, and  2. polyester spun lace fabric which is loosely woven and allows for dust settling within the weave. Choose from a range of appealing colors to suit your style. The Cocoon fabrics come with concealed sandwiched metal liners inside the fabric. Solitude fabric also comes with metallic lining inside the fabrics.

One of the most energy efficient among window treatments, the cellular structure of these shades allows air to be trapped within their walls, creating a layer of insulation between windows and rooms. This characte