CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

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Graber Blackout Cellular Shades offer incredible privacy and insulation for the price. Custom sizes available and free shipping in Canada!
CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades
CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

These blackout blinds are THE absolute option for those wanting utmost privacy and incredible insulation properties for controlled energy utilization in both summer and winter. Block out the harsh sun rays and protect interior elements like carpets and upholstery from fading. They are also built with classy and edgy design features that make them a complete pleasure to own. From east to west, these CrystalPleat blackout cellular shades make perfect sense for the modern lifestyle.

CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades Product Detail

CrystalPleat blackout cellular shades are made from 1. point-bonded polyester fabric that is non-porous in quality – this eliminates the tendency for dust to settle within the fabric weave, allowing for easy feather dusting or soft brush-vacuuming – and easily maintained to have them retain their fresh appeal, and  2. polyester spun lace fabric which is loosely woven and allows for dust settling within the weave. Choose from a range of appealing colors to suit your style. The Cocoon fabrics come with concealed sandwiched metal liners inside the fabric. Solitude fabric also comes with metallic lining inside the fabrics.

One of the most energy efficient among window treatments, the cellular structure of these shades allows air to be trapped within their walls, creating a layer of insulation between windows and rooms. This characteristic also serves to cut down on noise levels, making them an ideal option for use in noisy residential and commercial areas. They are available in three cell sizes to accommodate varying degrees of heat and sound insulation.

When lowered, the CrystalPleat blackout cellular shades cuts down on 99% the light entering a room – use them in photo studios, children’s bedrooms, or in bedrooms for those night birds who prefer to sleep-in. They also obliterate any shadows or silhouettes from view.

They provide excellent energy efficiency -because they darken a room considerably and provide insulation at the same time, these shades are optimal for use in the summer, for cooling, cutting down on air-conditioning needs. Conversely, the same holds true when lowered at sundown, in winter, cutting down on heating needs.

You can choose from a choice of control options, from standard cord controls, cordless to motorized options, allowing for varying degree of ease in lifting and lowering the shades.  The Bottom Up/Top Down control feature allows for optimal control of light and privacy in rooms.

These shades can also be customized to accommodate specialty windows shapes as well – corner, arched, octagonal or trapezoid windows. The shades are outfitted with color coordinated components to provide for seamless blending-in. Graber also provides for a combination light filtering and blackout fabrics that allow for a light and a dark appearance at the same time (SunUp/Sun Down option). The sun up sun down option remains the favored one for large banks of windows that can be used as two shades for a single window.


- Highly energy efficient
- Solutions for numerous privacy and light-control needs
- Offered in three cell sizes to match diverse decor styles
- Broad spectrum of on-trend colors to enhance every room
- All shade components are color coordinated

How to Measure

Measuring this product is a quick and easy process, just follow the instructions and you will be on your way to saving money and having great windows.

For measuring instructions click here

How to Install

Installing this product is a painless and simple process. You are mere steps away from making your windows look absolutely gorgeous; so get cracking and make it happen.

For installation instructions click here

Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
Soil removal and spot cleaning
Water Immersible

For more information click here

Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product. The warranties if offered by the Graber the manufacturer for full details please go to the below link.

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Product knowledgebase

Product Specifications
OptionsStandardMultiple Shades
Min WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax HeightMin WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax Height
Cord 9" 144" 12" 144" 9" 192" 12" 144"
Continuous Loop 17" 144" 12" 144" 17" 144" 12" 144"
Cordless 9" 120" 12" 86" 9" 144" 12" 86"
Bottom Up/Top Down Corded 9" 96" 12" 96" 9" 96" 12" 96"
Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless 15" 96" 12" 86" Not available
Top Down Only 17" 72" 12" 96" 17" 72" 12" 96"

Inside Mount Depth Requirements
OptionsCell SizeHeadrail DimensionsMin Depth MountFlush with Casing
Cord 3/8" Single Cell 7/8" x 1 3/4" 1 1/16" 1 15/16"
3/4" Single Cell 7/8" x 2 1/16" 1 1/16" 2 1/4"
1/2" Double Cell 7/8" x 2 1/16" 1 1/16" 2 1/4"
Continuous Loop 3/8" Single Cell 1 9/16" x 2 1/8" 5/8" 2 3/8"
3/4" Single Cell 1 9/16" x 2 3/8" 5/8" 2 5/8"
1/2" Double Cell 1 9/16" x 2 3/8" 5/8" 2 5/8"
Cordless 3/8" Single Cell 1 9/16" x 2 1/8" 5/8" 2 3/8"
3/4" Single Cell 1/2" Double Cell 1 9/16" x 2 3/8" 5/8" 2 5/8"
1 1/4" Single Cell 1 5/8" x 3 3/16" 1 3/8" 3 3/8"

Approximate deductions for Graber cellular shades - Inside mount – 3/8 inch, Outside mount – no deduction. Since all Graber shades are custom/handmade there could be a tolerance of measurement (+/-) 1/8th inch.

Available Options

- 2 Shades on 1 HeadRail (Optional)
- 3 Shades on 1 HeadRail (Optional)
- Cord Lift (Standard)
- Continuous Loop and Cordless Lift (Optional)
- Bottom Up/Top Down Corded (Optional)
- Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless (Optional)
- Top Down Only (Optional)
- Blackout Side Channels (Optional)

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