Best Blackout Window Treatments

If you want total darkness while having privacy, then choose our best blackout window treatments for your interior. These shades are responsible for the maximum light blockage while reducing the energy bills as they also work as excellent insulators. Custom blackout shades are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms where you need privacy and darkness. Blackout shades are also good to prevent any noise coming from outside. Sometimes a little amount of light can enter your room through the light gaps or side gaps. The best solution for this is layered window treatments that combine drapery or curtains with any window treatments. Blackout shades or blinds with Sidetracks are also recommended against light gaps.

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Best Blackout Window Treatments for a Darker Room

Blackout shades are made of a superior quality material that helps you to block most of the sunlight. You can consider layering extra liners for more darkness and privacy. Below are the best blackout window treatments that will offer all the benefits you are looking for:

Custom Blackout Roller Shades

Not only do these custom blackout roller shades block out most of the light coming through your windows, but they also provide privacy to create a peaceful atmosphere for your family members. These eco-friendly window coverings have Greenguard Certified fabrics which means they don’t use any toxic elements and are a safer option for everyone. They are available in an array of colors and texture options with various lift options for an effortless control such as - continuous loop, cordless lift, and a motorized option. They are perfect for Windsor, Ontario where the highest average temperature is 14.4°C and the lowest temperature is 5.4°C.

Blackout Cellular Shades

These ultimate blackout cellular shades are the perfect choice for your room when you want both insulation and darkness. The air pockets inside the shades are responsible for protecting your window against heat gain and heat loss. These shades are available in various customizable options, including different colors, different types of fabrics and control options such as top down bottom up (TDBU) and cordless which ensures safety for a home with kids and pets. These shades are the best option for Calgary's frigid winter weather and hot summer.

Motorized Exterior Blackout Shades

When you have an exterior space in your home, consider decorating that space so that you can have privacy and the outsiders cannot see inside your home. In that case, you can install some motorized exterior blackout shades which will block out all the light, excess heat, and harmful rays all while providing privacy and keeping your space cool and relaxing all the time. You can operate these shades using a remote button from anywhere in your room. Choose the color or style that will match your lifestyle and home decor too.

Smart Blackout Shades

Almost all of our products are available in blackout fabrics which can be customized in smart motorized features. Installing smart blackout shades means you can manage them using your smartphone or a voice-controlled assistant such as Google home or Amazon Echo (Alexa). They keep your home safe when you are far away also by pre-programming the window shades. This type of window treatment will block out the light, heat, harmful rays while providing darkness and privacy. These shades are the safest choice for your kids and pets as they don’t have any cords which can create a hazard for them. Choose the product as per your needs and customize it with various color and fabric options. Order free samples or take an experts help in customization.

ZebraBlinds offers you the best blackout window treatments which will offer all the advantages you are looking for. They will create an effective barrier between your windows and the outdoors to stop all light so that you can enjoy privacy, have a perfect good night sleep, or can enjoy your TV shows with your friends and family members. Browse our full section to know more about the best blackout window treatments. Free samples and free shipping available. Contact us for any help. Our executive will be happy to assist you with all your problems!

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