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Using a Palladian Shelf to Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian Shelf To Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian, Arched or Bay Windows – Large & Wide The architectural beauty of a gorgeous bay window, a Palladian or an arched window is unparalleled. These are specialty shaped large window openings that can be quite a stunner and help your rooms make a bold style statement. They help frame your outside view, flood your space with natural light and…

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A Guide to Cordless Cellular Shade Installation

Guide To Cordless Cellular Shade Installation

Imagine this: You’ve just bought a new home, and you’re working pretty hard to put everything in place. The furniture is almost set up, the painting’s done, and you’re ready to pursue the rest of the tasks around you. Suddenly, a beam of light catches your eye, you notice that your windows are made with transparent glass as opposed to…

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Like Magic – Blinds That Keep Your Privacy At Night

Blinds That Keep Your Privacy At Night

Home decor is a style statement you try to make with the objects around you. When it comes to making your statement everything around you tries to contribute to this larger picture. Right from the countertop settings to the furniture layout, everything is meticulously placed so that it makes you feel comfortable. After tiresome days your home’s atmosphere can help…

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5 Best Fabric Roller Blinds in Canada

5 Best Fabric Roller Blinds In Canada

Fabric Roller Window Shades: A Comprehensive Analysis Summer is around the corner and excess heat is going to knock on your door very soon, making your indoors uncomfortable and overheated. When it comes to thinking of window shades, most of the people opt for roller window shades. These classic solutions remained popular for many years because of their timeless beauty and…

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What’s The Most Common Blind Slat Size and Which Is Best For You?

Most Common Blind Slat Size

Slatted Blinds for Windows The moment you decide you want to purchase window treatments for your homes you are bombarded with choices. You can opt for gorgeous shades that are primarily made of fabric like Cellular Shades, Roman Shades, Pleated Shades, Dual Shades, and Roller-Solar Shades, etc. You could settle for the ever-gorgeous and stunning draperies that are an extremely…

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Why Low VOC Blinds are Important for Your Family’s Health

Why Low VOC Blinds Are Important For Your Family's Health

Growing Pollution Across the World The increasing levels of pollution and toxicity in the environment around are a cause of major health concerns. There is a steady rise in the growth of all types of diseases that are fast claiming lives all around the world. Small kids are falling prey to illnesses that will haunt them all their lives. Cities…

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How to Cut Window Blinds that are Too Long

How To Cut Window Blinds That Are Too Long

Why Cut Down Blinds? Window blinds, particularly horizontal blinds are widely used in offices and homes to make living a comfortable and pleasant experience and to also enhance the beauty of your homes. Window treatments are an integral part of your homes which provides you privacy, security, insulation, light control, darkness and so much more. They also help to add…

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