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Impact of Window Treatments on Overall Health and Sleep

Best Sleeping Window Treatments

Light Affects Your Nap Time – Get Relief with the Best Sleeping Window Treatments Sleep is as important as eating, drinking, and even breathing. Proper sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. Sleep makes us feel better and increases our productivity whether you are in home or office. We feel more active, more energetic, and delighted…

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Somfy Custom Z-Wave Enabled Motorized Blinds – A Sought-After Window Covering

Custom Z-Wave Motorized Blinds

Custom Z-Wave Motorized Blinds: Add Value and Sophistication to Your Home Nowadays, custom Z-wave motorized blinds are not limited to the new homes only. If you have old standard window treatments, motorize your window shades for an upgrade. Motorized window coverings can be controlled by pressing a single remote-controlled button which adds style and grace to your room. In addition, they…

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Get Quality and Convenience – 7 Ways to Motorize Your Window Shades

Motorize Your Window Shades

Motorize Your Window Shades with Various Graber Accessories There are so many advantages of using motorized window shades in the world of modern technology and fashion. This type of window treatments works well for the hard to reach and large windows as you don’t have to access them using your hand. You can easily operate them through a remote-controlled button.…

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Give Your Home a Dramatic Feel with Pinch Pleated Drapes

Pleated Custom Drapes

Pleated Custom Drapes – A Classic & Versatile Choice For a Soothing Ambiance Apart from controlling air and light flow, pleated custom drapes have several other functions to perform. One of the basic reasons behind drapes installation is that these window coverings enhance the overall look of your home interiors. Our Crown custom drapes add an extra color & charm to the…

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Best Blinds For Vaulted Windows

Blinds for Vaulted Windows

Combine Classic Architecture of Vaulted Windows With Modern Functionality of Blinds Vaulted windows are a timeless architectural design which showcases the same classic beauty today that they always have. They are known by many names like cathedral windows, high windows, raised ceilings, etc. Centuries ago, vaulted designs began as an architectural preferred choice in cathedrals or basilicas. These designs have the capacity to…

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A Unique Combination Of Style & Comfort – Plantation Shutters And Blinds

Plantation Shutters and Blinds

Plantation Shutters and Blinds – Shield Your Home From Excess Heat  Light plays a very significant role in creating the ambiance of your home. It is an essential element which impacts the overall feel and appearance of your interiors. An excess amount of light can make your space uncomfortable and hot. But, if you filter out this excess light and merge…

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Learn Why You Should Choose Vinyl Window Blinds

Vinyl Window Blinds

Vinyl Window Blinds – Everything You Need to Know   Window treatments give your room an aesthetic, polished, and sophisticated look, and offer important functionality to your windows. They provide your room with privacy and control over the natural light entering your home during the daytime. Window coverings also work as insulators to keep your home cool during the summertime and…

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What’s Best For Your Windows? Vertical Blinds or Horizontal Blinds?

Vertical Blinds VS Horizontal Blinds

Vertical Blinds vs Horizontal Blinds- Know the Difference There is no accounting for taste when it comes to redesigning your windows. Endless options available in the market can make anyone’s head start spinning. The huge variety of color schemes, designs, patterns and materials available is definitely going to tear you apart between them in order to enhance the beauty of your…

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