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5 Moisture Resistant Blinds Perfect For The Kitchen

Moisture Resistant Blinds

What’s Cooking? A kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place where delicious meals are prepared and cooked. It is also the meeting place where the family members gather around talking and laughing together. If your kitchen has an island, then that becomes the ideal breakfast nook for every morning. You eat your daily morning meals consisting…

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Why Bamboo Blinds Are Growing in Popularity in Canada

Bamboo Blinds

Premium Bamboo Blinds for Your Canadian Home Décor From snow-covered mountains to layered green forests, sunny beaches to tranquil deserts, nature always motivates us with its beauty and freshness. But who said that this beauty has to stay outside of your home? There is no limitation in welcoming this earthy feeling inside your home. Now, you can draw a nature-friendly…

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5 Reasons Why Roller Blinds are Perfect For Your Canadian Home

Roller Blinds for Canadian Home

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin Roller shades are quite in demand across many Canadian homes. These blinds can suit any area of your interior spaces. You can easily install, clean, and operate them and they are not that expensive. These window treatments are ideal for superb light control and privacy. They can also be combined with other window coverings. You can use…

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Comparing Window Films and Shutters/Blinds – Which Is Best for You?

Comparing Window Films and Shutters

When moving into a new home it’s important to keep in mind the general climate you may encounter. In addition to maintaining temperature control from season to season, it is also important to ensure that you don’t subject your home to too much sun. There are multiple window treatments that could help control light, some even come with smarter motorized…

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Wood vs. Faux Wood Shutters

Wood vs Faux Wood Shutters

Wood vs. Faux Wood Shutters – Comparing Aesthetics, Environmental Impact, and More Wood and faux wood are materials with strengths of their own, a blind made with each of these materials would be durable and serve a myriad of purposes. But we’ve reached a time in mankind’s history where we can no longer simply choose a better product. Today, we…

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