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Can you Shorten Cordless Blinds?

Can You Shorten Cordless Blinds

What are Cordless Blinds? In the world of blinds and shades, cordless blinds have been a revelation. They have ended years of frustrations and safety concerns posed by corded blinds. The latter came with cords for raising and lowering the shades. These cords kept dangling by the side of the window or pooling all over the floor. They often got…

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How to Design Indoor Shutters for Large Windows

How To Design Indoor Shutters For Large Windows

Indoor Shutters for Large Window – Things to Remember When you are looking for the perfect window treatments for your windows there are three magical guiding words to keep in mind: elegant, functional and practical. Window treatments have a huge impact on the room decor. They can easily become the focal points of your rooms and any change you make…

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How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

How To Choose The Right Curtains For Your Home

An Expert Guide on Choosing the Right Curtain Curtains are an important aspect when it comes to dressing up your doors and windows. They add aura and grace to your place while offering endless functional benefits. Your window decoration is incomplete if you don’t consider these fashionable and stylish decorative elements as a part of your décor project. Choosing the…

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5 Egress Window Covering Ideas to Filter Harsh Sunlight

5 Egress Window Covering Ideas To Filter Harsh Sunlight

Uniquely Designed Windows In the course of our discussions on different types of window treatments, we have learned that variety lies not only with window coverings but also with windows. When it comes to window shapes and sizes there are endless possibilities. Specialty-shaped windows like triangular, semi-circular and hexagon, angled windows, bay windows, skylight windows, the list is quite considerable.…

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