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10 Common Errors to Avoid When Buying Window Treatments

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Keep in mind nothing is free!

“From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.” – Publilius Syrus

When it comes to common mistakes when buying window treatments, you can always learn from the errors of others or do some research on internet. There is no need to make a mistake and live with it for years. Believe me, it will be very unpleasant to stare at your mistakes for years.

Make the right choice the first time, because mistakes and replacements can be very expensive and troublesome for you. Window treatments stay with you for a long time to come, may be, and in today’s world of fragile relationships, they may last longer than a marriage. If you have been fooled into buying something not durable at all, then well, at least you can get rid of it.

Let us check out the ten common errors to avoid when buying window treatments so that you can have your share of peace of mind after installing them.

1. The Cheap Gimmick.

You often come across those incredible and unbelievable deals where you can purchase three window treatments for the price of one. Of course, some good brands and dealers often come up with genuine sales, but they are always within reasonable limits and there for a reason. If you fall for the cheap price, you may end up with a product that does not serve your purpose the way it should have done. Moreover, they may not adhere to safety standards and could pose health hazards to the residents. Try to save money, but be sure of the dealer and product you are purchasing. Cheap is not always budget friendly in the long run.

2. Check Out the Function.

Your suburb and lifestyle will make an enormous difference to your choice of window treatments. If you live in a noisy area, insulation should take priority whereas if you have east/west facing windows, light control should. For a night shift worker, blackout shades are the best option for some peaceful sleep when the world is up and running around. Know your needs. Check out the practical function of various window treatments like cellular shades, Odyssey blinds, drapery, and many more, to know what suits your need the best. Make the right choice with proper customer support of the dealer you plan to purchase your product from.

3. Keep Residents In Mind.


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You do not want the cords and strings dangling in a room where children or pets play and have fun. Similarly, senior citizens do not need the trouble of climbing up ladders to operate their window treatments. Convenience and safety should be considered keeping the residents of the building in mind. Something right for one person may not be good enough for another one. Customize the window treatments based on specific needs.

4. Check On Additional Features.

Many renowned brands go out of their way to add features to their products that will be highly beneficial to the consumers at little extra cost. Microban, GreenGuard, waterproof, fire retardant, dust repellent, ultrasonic cutting, trackless technology, or lead/PVC free, are some of the additional features you can check out when buying window treatments. Believe me, they are worth every penny you spend on them.

5. Check out Claims.

Know the application of terms like lifetime warranty or customization. Check out warranty details and what they cover under the warranty. Will there be repairs or replacements with no questions asked for a limited period? Is the dealer giving you an additional warranty over the already present manufacturer’s warranty? Do not hesitate to get those in writing get the right information from your dealer in writing. Many dealers are known to sell pre-made products to the customers as customized, charging them extra for nothing. Make sure you are paying extra for right customization based on your needs. Now a days many local custom window covering stores buy online and sell to customers at a higher markup price.

6. Take the Right Measurements.

There are certain rules and protocols to be followed when you take measurements for your windows. A window treatment that doesn’t fit well will kill all the aesthetic appeal of the product. Many consumers take deductions for clearance, which is not required because the manufacturer does it for a perfect fit for an interior mount. Keep in mind that the factory doesn’t make any allowance on exterior mounts; hence you have to measure including the overlap you desire.

7. Read Reviews.

Go through customer reviews of the products you intend to buy. Learn to distinguish between paid ad reviews and genuine reviews of satisfied customers. Most dealers contact you through the reference try to make a kill out of you. If your friend or real estate agent referred a dealer make sure he will try to make a big buck out of you. Your knowledge of the product is your power. Use it wisely. Most of the dealers try to persuade you for first advance $100, then you will be bound to the dealer. To save that $100 you will be persuaded to spend more money. Ultimately the local dealer will make a kill out of you selling cheap products he must have purchased online.

8. Take Your Time.

Check with your dealer how long it will take for your window treatment installations. If you are going for a new look for your home for a special occasion, do not wait until the last moment and order the window treatments just a few days ahead. There is nothing wrong if the window treatments are ready ahead of time. You don’t want an event taking place in the middle of renovation and repairs. When you are short of time, you will at times compromise and go for readily available products that you may regret later. Better not buy for full house, decorate your windows room by room. This makes you to take decisions wisely and can opt for better options. If you had made any mistakes choosing window coverings for first room then you could avoid those while decorating other rooms. Since we give free shipping for all products you can try out buying for a small window which is least important, so you will come to know yourselves how easy dressing your windows and buying online.

9. Consultation v/s Pushy Dealers.

Most of the dealers has to sustain within limited market area, so to sustain they have to sell with a markup value adding around 300% more on the product they sell, so they will be pushy with the products they can make a kill. They give you free consultation, keep in mind nothing is free, they will push you into quick decisions. Check out how much interest the salesperson shows in your lifestyle, needs and other requirements before recommending a brand or product to you. Do they genuinely accept that the product you are seeking is not available with them? Some dealers try to make you buy a slightly similar product they have but may not completely meet your requirements. Keep away from such pushy dealers, because their target is sales, not customer satisfaction. Do not expect the right service from them in the future.

10. Self-Installation.

Installing your blinds, shades, shutters and drapery has never been this easy. With the right tools and clear instructions any one can do it. Professional installers are not really necessary unless of course the window itself is very unusual. Measuring and installation of window coverings don’t need rocket engineering.
We usually recommend all our customers to try self installation, it can be fun and if you are with family, a great time for some bonding.

Follow these Ten Commandments – be safe and happy!



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