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10 Reasons Why Shutters Are A Must-have For Your Home

Reasons Why Shutters Are A Must Have For Your Home
If blinds are a versatile and lightweight solution for most windows, then shutters can be classified as the heavy-duty, long-term choice. If you’re looking for the right window treatment for your home, then here are ten things you need to know about shutters and why you should consider them as a suitable window treatment for your home.
  1. They’re Solid and Sturdy
  • Shutters are one of the more solid window treatments out there
  • They’re a long term solution and are an ideal window treatment option regardless of what material they’re made from
  • Shutters are more durable due to a higher standard of manufacturing and product curation
  1. Versatility and Style
  • Shutters can be a prime option for your home regardless of whether you wish to have indoor or outdoor treatments and can be applied to any window of almost any size
  • Despite being a one size fits all, shutters radiate a sense of style and elegance when they match the theme of your home
  • Shutters have the fortune of possessing a perennial style
  • Shutters available in several materials like wood, PVC and even metal
  • Each material has its own special features and each type of shutter can come in a different shape, size, color, and even design.

Plantation Shutters

  1. The Light Control You Deserve!
  • Graber Plantation shutters are a more permanent solution if you’re having problems with a room heating up in the sun
  • Shutters have the ability to let little to no light into the house and can help you keep your home cool and free from the hot summer sun
  • Adjustable slats make it easy to let in just the right amount of sunlight to give the room a soft yet warm glow
  • Shutters are not known for their ability to let light in, but all you need to do for sunlight is to simply open them.
  1. Privacy
  • Shutters come are especially useful if you would prefer to keep your private life private
  • We aren’t saying you have nosy neighbors, but we are saying that privacy is a right and you should exercise it!
  • Once your shutters are closed, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about who’s trying to look into your house thanks to the angled slats
  • Insulated window shutters can also effectively block out most sounds, cementing your privacy further

Sound Blocking Window Shutters

  1. Venting is Not Just for People!
  • While permanently boarding up your window may seem like a great idea at first, you’ll start to notice that your (now windowless) favorite room starts to smell funny
  • Musty rooms are an issue that will cause far greater problems for your home and for your health
  • Say no to a musty room with fungus in it, get a shutter and air out the room regularly to keep your home and your family happy and healthy
  1. Let Nature in, But Not All of It
  • We love being in nature and almost everything about it
  • But while nature is known to revitalize a person’s soul, the many critters and pests you will come across are far less refreshing to look at, especially if they’re in your home
  • Shutters will keep out the bugs during all hours of the day so you don’t need to close your windows to the delightful air around you
  1. Too Hot to Handle? Nope!
  • Shutters are a great choice to keep the sun out in the summer if you want cooler rooms
  • Shutters are not as useful in the winter unless they’re insulated
  • Shutters with adjustable slats combined with shades or blinds for additional are an ideal way to handle the cold
  1. The Elements Can’t Handle Them (With Exceptions!)
  • Shutters are incredibly hardy and durable
  • Outdoor shutters are specifically designed to combat harsh weather
  • Wooden shutters are a poor choice if you live in a place that sees a lot of rainfall, or high humidity
  • Wooden shutters tend to warp when exposed to water and are not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens either
  • Metal shutters, faux wood shutters, and PVC shutters can be used without fear of water damage if well-made
  1. Child and Pet Safety
  • The cords one normally sees for window treatments such as blinds and shades are a choking hazard for children or pets
  • Even with adjustable slats, the cordless mechanism used in Shutters by Zebra Blinds will ensure that your family and your favorite pet can come to no harm from shutters (they can still trip over their own feet, so keep an eye on them!)

Graber Plantation Shutters

  1. A Good Investment
  • As we’ve mentioned before, shutters are incredibly durable and have the potential to last decades while serving you and your home
  • Exterior Window shutters can be moderately expensive but still budget-friendly depending on what type and which brand you choose
  • Reputed sellers can help you with customized options that are more economic
  • The material of your new shutter will also play a large role in the cost, durability, and effectiveness, so be mindful of wooden shutters and water!

Wait, There’s More!

Shutters are among the best window treatments you can get. They’re almost eternally fashionable and are useful in almost any situation. However, shutters require additional space depending on which way they swing. If you have indoor shutters you will use up a lot of your living space just to be able to open them. Shutters are great for privacy and have large louvers that can open to let light in (or you can just swing the entire shutter open). Not all shutters are the same, there are many with different types of features, shapes, and adjustments that will make your life far easier. Some shutters have slats that rise and fall like blinds while others are big enough to create a second space in your lawn (check plantation doors). Now that you’re armed with this information you will find it a lot easier to find the window treatment you need!

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