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3 Blinds Made of Grass Weave and Other Eco-Friendly Materials

3 Blinds Made of Grass Weave and Other Eco-Friendly Materials

Although window blinds do not feature high on our list of items to be upgraded to eco-friendly items, the thought does warrant some consideration. After all, windows are responsible for a huge part of the energy loss that ultimately leads to greater energy consumption. With the right blind, you will save energy, increase the comfort levels, and address a multitude of issues, all at one go.

But while this aspect of window blinds garners a lot of attention, the sourcing and disposal take a backseat, when it comes to eco-friendly considerations. However, this is something every environment conscious person should take into account while selecting a blind. Did the blind come from sustainable sources? Does the blind material cause damage to the environment? What happens to it when you discard it?

Blind manufacturing companies have already started taking huge steps in addressing the concerns of the consumers. The market is now full of products that address multiple concerns around the impact the window treatment industry is having on the environment. One of the most popular trends has been the shift to grass weave and other eco-friendly materials for manufacturing. Before we turn the discussion to eco-friendly materials, let’s look at how you will be helping the environment when you make the switch to eco-friendly blind materials.
Natural Window Shades

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Materials

Numerous factors make a blind eco-friendly. However, it is difficult to find all of these factors in one single-blind. Here we bring to you four primary factors that make a blind eco-friendly.

Non-Toxic Materials: Some blinds, mostly PVC and other plastic-based blinds, release toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They continue to emit harmful chemicals even after they are discarded. One of the biggest benefits of eco-friendly blinds is that they are non-toxic. Even when they are exposed to heat and sun, they don’t disintegrate and release harmful chemicals, keeping the environment safe and natural.

Responsibly-Sourced: Very few of us pay any attention to how the material of the blinds is sourced. However, with the green cover of earth rapidly declining, and each company facing vigorous scrutiny over how raw materials are sourced for any products, it would be useful to do some preliminary research about how blind materials are sourced. Most eco-friendly blinds should be responsibly sourced, preferably from renewable natural reserves.

Energy Efficient: Energy efficiency plays a major role in reducing our carbon footprint. Saving energy would ultimately reduce the need for fossil fuels, and also release less carbon into the air. The cumulative effect of energy saved from each home will have a monumental impact on the fight against global warming.

However, all eco-friendly blinds are not designed for energy efficiency. If you are aiming for heightened energy-efficiency, you will have to customize or include some add-on features to make your blinds more energy-efficient.

Another major concern for any consumer is how the discarded blind is being recycled. Many synthetic blinds end up in landfill, a process that eventually releases harmful chemicals into the soil. Eco-friendly blinds are either recyclable or bio-disposable, making them a very good choice for reducing harmful waste.

3 Eco-Friendly Blinds

Here we are briefly discussing the three most common and affordable window coverings that would not break your purse, while you try to equip your home with eco-friendly alternatives.

Grass Weave Shades:
Grass weave shades are rapidly moving into the sphere of mainstream blinds. The blinds are sustainably sourced and combine various natural fibers, like jute, reed, grass, bamboo, making them bio-degradable.

The beauty of these shades lies in their unique textures. The fibers impart a rich natural look that is accentuated by their deep earthen hues. Available in a variety of colors and textures, these blinds automatically make your room look warm and inviting. The natural fibers can be woven into a thick or thin weave, which would allow you different levels of light control. With a thin weave, you will get that sheer look, with the light tracing attractive patterns on the floor when they pass through the fabric. With a thicker weave, you will be able to protect the interiors from the harmful effects of the sun.

Protection from the sun is their biggest advantage. The natural make of the fibers ensures that these blinds can withstand prolonged hours of exposure to the sun. This feature makes grass weave blinds an ideal solution for outdoor areas, as well as conservatories and patios.
Sliding Panel Natural Shades
Natural Wood Blinds
Blinds made from natural wood also fall under the category of eco-friendly window treatment solutions. Wood sourced from sustainable forests and treated in facilities that are pollution-free are the two components that make natural wood blinds eco-friendly. The natural fibers of the wood are also bio-degradable, which makes it easy to dispose of these blinds in an eco-friendly way.

However, sourcing and disposal is not the only way natural wood blinds help protect the environment. The heavy material of these blinds also provides great protection against heat-loss, which ultimately leads to energy saving. These blinds also last for a long time, which reduces the overall waste created by frequent disposal of window treatment solutions.

Natural wood blinds also bring with them all the glamour and elegance of the natural world into your personal space. The earthy texture of wood and the solid lines of the material elevate the elegance and style of your room to another level.

Aluminum Blinds
If recycling is your priority, go for aluminum blinds. Aluminum is found in abundance in the natural world, and the extraction process can also be eco-friendly. The beauty of aluminum lies in the fact that aluminum blinds can be recycled, again and again, leading to very little waste.

Aluminum blinds come in every imaginable color. With aluminum blinds, you will be able to craft that minimalistic look, which is a rave these days. Aluminum blinds are extremely water-resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for high-humidity areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
Harness the potential of these fantastic eco-friendly blinds to embrace green-living in style.

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