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3 Important Things that You Should Know About Top Down Blinds

Top Down Blinds

If you’re looking for new window treatment options in the market, then you will have plenty of options these days. If you managed to narrow down your decision to blinds then the number of options available will surprise you. Modern window blinds can be designed to fit windows of any size and they can also be customized to match your style statement and personality. When it comes to modern choices, blinds that lower from the top down are also trending. They are becoming one of the most popular options as modern window treatment ideas. As the name suggests, top down blinds can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom. This unique feature makes them versatile and an ideal choice for any room and a wide range of lighting conditions.


Before jumping on to the 3 important things that you should know about top down blinds, let’s discuss why these blinds are perfect for your home. You will love this style once we highlight all the important facts. You might have seen the Venetian style blinds that can be tilted open or close and allows you to enjoy the outside view without raising them all the way to top. Other options like roman shades, pleated shades, etc., are operated by moving the shade either up or down. In short, you can have either the outside view or full privacy. None of them provides an option in between these two choices.

Motorized Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


The invention of top down blinds changed everything in the world of window treatments. Now, homeowners can lower the shade and raise it from both the top and bottom of the shade. These blinds allow you to:

  • Enjoy privacy and a view outside at the same time
  • See outside without fully opening the blinds

Another addition to the list of beautiful features of top-down blinds is the use of fabrics as décor. Earlier, blinds and shades were either fully raised or closed. They didn’t add much value to the fabric style when fully raised. With the top down, a feature of modern blinds homeowners can now enjoy the beautiful patterns and hues of fabrics alongside the desired middle view.

Our hope is to lift your experience for the blinds that lower from the top down. Now let’s discuss the 3 important things that you should know about top down blinds to truly enjoy them.


#1: Buy Top Down Blinds with Cordless Control

Cordless control is a must-have in any of the modern window treatment options and top down blinds variants are also available with this feature. In most of the regular window coverings, there is a standard cord control. To move the blind upwards, you need to pull the cord and it can be locked anywhere in the middle. The blind falls down as soon as you release the cord. The issue with the standard cord system is that the length of the cord also varies with the movement of the shade. When fully raised, the cord dangles on the floor.

However, with cordless control, you move the blind up and down with a mere touch of your hand. A plastic tab or handle is used to move the blind up or down in this design. To keep the blind at a specific position, you can leave the tab or handle anywhere in between. Cordless controls are powerful and more reliable than the standard cord controls. These are also a great choice considering kid and pet safety.

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades


#2: Keeping Your Shades Level is a Must

You might be wondering what you would need for a perfect window treatment option for your house. Why are we mentioning about the leveling system? It is observed that some of the moving parts get misaligned during the installation or usage over a period of time. Imagine that you are enjoying the warmth of sun filtering through blinds in your house and suddenly you notice a misalignment and the height of blind cannot be adjusted. This is where the problem begins. The rails get misaligned in such situation and it gets difficult to operate the blind smoothly. The misalignment further leads to crooked rails.

This is why a good window top down blind design allows for easy leveling options. Most of the modern top-down bottom-up window shades and blinds come with a key. It makes adjustments easy. All you need to do is insert the key into the socket and turn clockwise to raise the rail and anti-clockwise to lower the rail. These movements of the key make the blind shorter and longer respectively. Any window treatment option will do this but if you are looking to lift your experience then top down window shades and blinds will be an appropriate choice.


#3: Magnet Closure Between Rails

In your top down blinds, it is the middle rail that manages the majority of its operations. It is usually seen that in most of the window blinds, homeowners complained that the middle rail doesn’t sit tight with the top rail. In other cases, there is a big visible gap at the meeting point of middle rail and the top rail.

Slivers of light continue to seep through this gap or in some cases the gap is so big that it leaves you unhappy with the installation of window treatments. The gap also originates if the slats of the blind are not at level. This problem can be eliminated using a simple solution.

Top Down Blinds for Bedroom


Some modern designs contain a magnet closure on top headrail and middle rail. The magnet makes sure that the two ends of the rails meet properly and tightly. This eliminates the gap and stops light from breaking into the house. The addition of magnet closures is recently introduced to some of the new designs of window blinds. It is possible that not all window treatment options are fitted with them. We recommend you to check the specifications and features before making your next purchase of the blinds that lower from the top-down.

Top down bottom up blinds are most suitable for bedrooms and bathroom where light is required alongside privacy. You can simply push the top down and keep the bottom high to allow a sufficient amount of light to enter while still keeping yourself safe from the prying eyes. Moreover, the top-down window treatments are available in a variety of hues, patterns and fabrics. You can customize them according to your need and add a unique style statement and ambiance to your house.


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