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3 Remote Control Blinds That Can Be Scheduled For Automatic Use

3 Remote Control Blinds That Can Be Scheduled For Automatic Use

Types of Lift Controls

Blinds and shades can be segregated based on their different lift options. There are corded blinds which have occupied the market for a long time. They come with strings or cords that need to be pulled to raise and lower the blinds. They lost a part of the market when cordless blinds entered the market. As the name suggests, these blinds did away with cords and instead could be operated by pushing or pulling the shade up and down by hand. Soon cordless blinds came to be challenged by the powerful motorized blinds. Also known as ‘Remote Controlled Blinds’, these window treatments have motors built in them which move the blinds up and down.

Motorized Control & Use of Remote Control

Pre-Scheduling of Blinds
The motorized shades are operated with the help of handheld remotes. These can be used from anywhere in the house. They can be used to operate a single-blind or even a group of blinds for greater convenience. You no longer have to run around the house pulling the blinds up and down at different times of the day. You can do so from the comfort of your couch or bed. The best news is, these blinds can even be pre-programmed and pre-scheduled to operate independently by themselves. For example, if you want the blinds to be up by 7:00 in the morning, you can schedule them to rise by that time every morning. Similarly, once the sun goes down you would want the blinds to be down to preserve your privacy. Some rooms receive a lot of sunlight at particular times of the day and you would want the blinds to be closed to prevent heat gain. You can set the timer accordingly. Doing this helps in preserving energy, prevent heat loss and gain and also enhances the security of your home in your absence. Motorized blinds can also be integrated into your home automation system which means that they can be operated through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home and also from your smart devices from anywhere in the world. Motorized blinds have made the operation of window treatments easy and hassle-free. A press of a button on your remote or your smartphone and you can move your blinds up and down.

Let us take a quick look at 3 blinds that can be controlled and operate automatically.

Motorized Crown Blackout Roller Shades

These motorized blackout roller shades from Crown make a fantastic choice for your homes, particularly rooms that look for complete light blockages like bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms. Roller shades are a versatile window treatment solution that has attained popularity because of their sleek and elegant appearance that blends well with minimalist and contemporary home decor. Blackout roller shades help to offer complete light blockage and noise reduction which makes it a versatile choice for people who has to sleep during the day and work at night. It is great for nurseries as babies nap during the day time. Motorized control allows homeowners to operate these shades with ease and also schedule their movement for different times of the day. Once the shades are scheduled you can rest in peace with worrying about when to lower or raise the blinds.
Crown Blackout Roller Shades

Crown Premium Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades

These are perfect for regions that experience a harsh and cold winter. The cellular shades offer enhanced insulation to the windows and are among the most energy-efficient window shades in the market. The blackout cellular shades are perfect for bedrooms that need insulation and light blockage to create a cozy and comfortable environment for resting. The motorized control means that you do not have to run around to operate the shades and scheduling them to open and close at specific times of the day will help you to keep the heat trapped in the house and prevent warm air from escaping the house.
Motorized Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades Crown

Skylight windows are ceiling windows that make an amazing addition to your homes. They are perfect for homes that receive little daylight from their standard windows. As skylight windows face the skies, they allow an abundance of light to fill the rooms. While they look stunning, skylights can also allow heat gain inside the house. Throughout the day there is an unobstructed flow of sunlight into the house which causes the temperature to go up. Skylight windows are also difficult to cover because of tricky operations. Motorized window treatments are best for skylight windows as they can be opened and closed without any hassle. The cellular shades from Crown help to make the windows more energy-efficient and you can pre-program them so that the rooms get a fair share of sunlight. Then the shades can close to prevent heat gain during summer and also heat loss during the winter months.
You can opt for any of these shades depending upon your need. Motorized control gives you easy access to these windows. The pre-scheduling features of these shades make operation an easy and fun affair.

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