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3 Striking Pinch Pleated Drapes with Valance Combos

3 Striking Pinch Pleated Drapes with Valance Combos

A well-chosen drape can bring your room to life. The elegant and grand feel might be the missing puzzle piece that would complete the look of your room. With so many styles to choose from, you will definitely be spoiled for choices when it comes to selecting one for your room.

How are Drapes Different from Curtains?

Drapes share a lot of their features with curtains. Both drapes and curtains are made from fabric panels that hang from the top of the window. Both curtains and drapes are sold in pairs and are usually separated at the middle when open, with the fabric making two neat piles at the end of the window.

The main difference between the two lies in the thickness of the fabric. Drapes are thicker as they come in lined fabric. This makes them heavier than curtains. Drapes are usually long enough to cover the window from top to the floor, and it is not uncommon to see some of it forming a stylish pile on the floor. The heavy drapes have some very distinct benefits that make them ideal for bedrooms and living room. That said, nowadays most people interchange the terms drapes and curtains regularly, so their distinctions have become more vague over time.

Benefits of Drapes

Drapes have been around for a long time, and over the years a lot of research has gone into incorporating multi-functional features into the fabrics.

Blackout Effect
The thick fabric is ideal for creating a blackout effect. When you need a break from the sun, just close the drapes to create the perfect darkroom to get a much-deserved rest or to catch up with your favorite program on TV. All you need to do is add a blackout lining instead of the usual lining to your drapes. Now you can get that blackout effect even when the sun is blazing outside. This feature makes drapes a popular feature in both hospitality venues like hotels and restaurants, as well as in the domestic setting.

The thicker fabric also aids in increasing the insulation of the room. While cutting off light, the thick layers of fabric also prevent the chill or heat from outside from getting inside. As a result, the room remains cooler in summer and hotter in winter, keeping your energy bill down and comfort level up. Now you can relax and spend a delightful evening in the full comfort of your cosy interiors.

Noise Control
One of the least obvious benefits, but the noise control is something you will surely enjoy in a bedroom or in the living room. Traffic or neighborhood noise, and most often, the combination of both, can be a hugely intrusive element in our private lives. To tune out a big portion of it, opt for thick drapes in you living room, study, and bedroom windows, and enjoy your leisurely hours peacefully. The thick fabric of drapes is extremely well-suited for this task.

Safety and Security
Once you pull close these drapes, the safety and security of your home get a big boost. The heavy drapes keep the interior shielded from the outside. Any onlooker would have little idea about what is going on inside.
To further heighten the security aspect, you can opt for fire-retardant fabric, which would make your drapes act as a barrier against flames in the event of a fire.

What are Pinch Pleat Drapes?

Pleats are in style. Pinch pleat drapes have pinched fabric on the top, which creates neat pleats across the fabric. These pleats add a special visual element to the drape, making them look less imposing and more orderly. With pinch pleat drapes, you can give your room a modern feel and go with any furniture of your choice. Pinch pleat drapes look great in both light and dark colors.

If you wish to add some glamour to your pinch pleat drapes, pair them up with valances. Valances run horizontally along the top of a window, decoratively covering up the top rail of the window treatment. Valance is very useful for covering up drape or blind hardware.

However, valances are more than adornments. A well-structured valance can assist in insulation as well as cutting off the light.
Pinch Pleated Drapes

Some Striking Pinch Pleat Drape and Valance Combos

There is no limit to how you can combine a valance with a drape. We bring you some striking valance and pinch pleat drape ideas that will immediately capture the attention of your visitors.

Pinch Pleat Valance with a Trim

If you wish to create the old-world look, pair your pinch pleat drapes with a luxurious pinch pleat valance. The lavish look of the window will get enhanced if you select a pinch pleat valance in matching fabric. While drape hardware remains hidden, your windows will bring out the overall opulence of the room.
Artisan Pleated Drapes

Curtain Valances

Curtain valances will be a beautiful addition to an already beautiful drape. The delicate folds of the valance would be a delightful contrast to the vertical lines of a pinch pleat curtain. You can have the curtain valances in the same color or in any color common with the drape. The curtain valances don’t hang from the top; rather go round in an in-and-out pattern around the top rail. This design anomaly creates visual tension, that easily makes your drape the focal point of the room.

Plain Box Valances

If you wish to avoid a fabric overload, go for some plain box valance in matching colors. The shape of the valance can be a source of some visual glamour, as you can have quite a few design variations on them. The box itself can be decorated with accessories. You can add buttons, lace, wooden adornments, and so on. You can also have variations in the edges. For example, you can have jagged edges, or even semi-circular arches, or a V-shaped one. There is a lot you can do with firm valances, and the effect will be a neat and well-defined shape.
Make your stylish drapes more glamourous with these valance ideas and create a striking look for your room.

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