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3 Ways You Can Make Your Blinds Smart


The Need for Smart Automated Homes

Are you looking to upgrade your home to a smart automated home? First of all, congratulations on the big decision! With more and more people switching to smart home solutions, automation has become the future of modern living. A smart home is fantastic for reducing labor intensive works, saving time for the hard-pressed working people around the globe and goes a long way in making older or physically impaired people independent as most of the work in the house can be done by pressing a switch without moving around. Young people love it as they can get multiple things done on the go and even control things at home when they are seated miles away from their smart devices.

There are smart lights, thermostats, smart alarm systems, heaters, coffee makers, window treatments and more. These smart devices have to be connected to a smart home hub which will help the different devices to communicate with each other and be controlled from apps on your smart phones or tablets or through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home using voice commands.

Investment for Smart Homes

While smart homes are what you have been craving for, you must remember that converting your home to an automated one is a big investment. The smart home hub will only work when each of the devices you are looking to integrate are also smart and automated. For example, your pre-existing standard lights and window blinds cannot be controlled through apps. For that you will need to replace them with new smart blinds and smart lights. Smart window treatments

are expensive and if you want to add smart blinds to every room it will involve a major investment.

Upgrade Existing Blinds to Smart Blinds

It would be such a shame to do away with your pre-existing blinds and shades, particularly if they are great shape and health. Retrofitting existing blinds with motors and integrating them into your home automation system would be cost effective as it will allow you to use your old window blinds. There are limited options when retrofitting existing blinds, but it is worth looking into to see if they would work for you.

How to Make Dumb Blinds Smart?

There are home automation kits that are available in the market which help to convert your dumb blinds into smart automated ones. Let us look at 3 ways you can make your dumb blinds smarter.



MySmartBlinds Automation Kit Bundle + Solar Panel

This is a comprehensive bundle that helps to convert a blind into a smart device. You also get a temperature sensor to control the temperature of the room. They are Alexa and Google compatible which means that you can control them through voice commands once they have been successfully installed. To get this working you need a MySmartBlinds Smart Bridge which will help your blinds to get connected to a home hub. Once the device is set up and integration into automation system is complete you will need to download the app on your smart devices and start controlling the blinds even when you are not around.

Brunt Smart Motorized Blind

This is a small device that goes up on the wall. It helps to create a pulley system for your blinds via electronic controls. Once the system is connected to a smart phone you can activate the mechanism remotely. The blinds can be raised and lowered with mobile controls and also through voice commands via Alexa. With one device you can control multiple devices which is a great thing. Small and discrete, this is a great device to make your standard shades to automated ones.

EzWands Motorised Easy Wand

This is another interesting way to automate your blinds. Instead of focusing on a pulley system, this system helps to replace the wand at the top of the blind. This is preferred by many as the mechanism gets hidden away from the sight instead of those boxes that get mounted on the wall for the purpose. The shades can be controlled through remote controls, voice controls and apps. Easy to install and use, it is a good way to upgrade your blinds.

These are few of the many ways you can switch over to smart blinds from your normal standard blinds and shades. They come with their own share of challenges and how effective they are depends upon what you expect out of them. But if you are not willing to shell out to invest in smart blinds, these are good ways to get the job done, at least for a short while.

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