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3 Window Treatments That Don’t Block Your View

3 Window Treatments That Dont Block Your View

Enviable Outside View

Many of you have homes that boast of some amazing vistas. There are beautiful landscapes that define the surroundings and are a real treat for the eyes. The gorgeous mountain ranges, sea waves breaking on the shore, green meadows covered with blooming flowers, a meandering stream or majestic view of the sunset painting the sky with a riot of colors, the view can be anything. Any view that brings peace to your chaotic mind and restless soul must be truly special and one to be preserved. What better than to have a home that overlooks a place of scenic beauty? It is like waking up on a vacation every day.

The Conflict between Window Treatments & Your Outside View

The best way to bring the view of the outside into your house is with the help of your windows. The strategically placed windows will help you cherish the beauty of your surroundings in every moment. However, it is important to understand and also remember that no matter how stunning the outside views you cannot afford to keep windows open all the time. Untreated windows can pose a host of problems for the inmates of the house. Keeping windows bare can severely compromise the privacy and security of the house. They can cause energy loss in the house during summer and winter resulting in increased energy costs. Moreover, during the hot summer months when the sun beats down mercilessly, it can expose your homes to harmful UV rays. These can harm your health as well as the interior furnishings. There is a need to diffuse natural light to cut out the glares that can cause irritation to the eyes. While windows need to be treated well to make them functional and create a pleasant and comfortable ambiance indoors, there is a desire to preserve your outside view to keep enjoying the landscape. It is for this reason that many people are reluctant to install window treatments that could impair their view. It is important to locate window treatments that will offer you an unobstructed view of the surroundings while protecting your privacy.

Window Treatments that Preserve Your View

You will be relieved to know that there are many gorgeous window treatment options that will help keep your view unobstructed.

Sheer Horizontal Roller Shades

These are an amazing pair of shades designed to give you maximum control over your view and lighting options. You can opt for the Zebra Sheer or Zebra Roller Shades. The stylish well-coordinated stripes of Zebra Roller Shades give a clean look to the windows. The alternating stripes of sheer and solid color vanes are perfect for light control, privacy and preserving outside view. They elevate the beauty of the interior decoration of your entire house. They allow diffused light to stream through which fills home with a warm glow. Sheer shades are always elegant to look at and help create a magical ambiance. Your outside view is very much protected and you get to enjoy the view while keeping your home protected and pleasant.
Overture Sheer Shades

Plantation Shutters

Another fantastic choice for your windows is the plantation shutters. They are the epitome of elegance and sophistication in any house. They provide protection from the heat and the harmful UV rays and seal your windows against the weather. Made of wood, these shutters act as great insulators for your rooms. All you need to do is adjust the louvers according to your requirements. Keeping them open will allow natural light and fresh air to flow in and also offer an unobstructed view of the outside. You get a complete view of your cherished landscape without compromising the safety, security and comfort of your homes.
Plantation Shutters

Layered Window Treatments

You can opt for layered window treatment to optimize your outdoor view while keeping your indoors safe and secure. You can use a combination of sheer shades and drapery panels. Sheer shades help to diffuse natural light and blocks out UV rays but not the outside view. This makes them not a great choice for protection of your privacy but a popular choice for those who want to retain their view. They offer an unobstructed view of the gorgeous sunsets and mountains. To protect your privacy and keep your interior secured from the prying eyes of the neighbors you can layer sheer shades with drapery panels. For the daytime when you want to look outside and enjoy the view all you need to do is push the drapes on either side of the window which will keep the windows clear. At night when you want privacy and light control draw the drapes and you are secured within.
Layered Window Treatments

Other View Preserving Window Treatments

Apart from these three window treatments there are a number of others that you can try out for your homes. Woven-wood shades are virtually unnoticeable when open. You can pair these with sheer drapery panels to help diffuse natural light and also get some privacy without compromising with your views. The soft sheers also help to soften the masculine woven-wood shades and work beautifully.

Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades are also a good choice for your homes. There is a zebra sheer shade in the front and a blackout roller shade at the back. During the daytime when you want light and view you can raise the zebra sheer shades. They help to cut out UV rays and the glares without sacrificing your view. At night when you want light blockage and privacy you need to raise the blackout roller shades.
With any of these shades get guaranteed comfort and security and an unhindered and uninterrupted view of your enviable outdoors.

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