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5 Advantages of Recessed Windows

5 Advantages of Recessed Windows

Recessed windows are the talk of the town these days. If you like a retro look for your house, go for recessed windows.

Recessed windows are ones that are fixed inside a recess or alcove of sorts within the wall. As a result, there is a distance between the window and the wall that surrounds it. Recessed windows add a stylish finish to your walls. With the glass frames fitted flush against the outer wall, recessed windows enhance your curb appeal to a great extent.


Although now a choice for house owners, recessed windows were a necessity in olden days, when the width of the wall made it compulsory. The walls were so thick that if windows were fitted along the internal wall, little sunlight would reach the room.

In the 18th century, recessed windows were introduced as an improvement on the widely popular sash-windows. All window frames and doors had to be recessed by at least four inches. This was done to prevent the fire from jumping from one building to another.


The popularity of recessed windows has stood the test of time. Some of the reasons why homeowners are still crazy about recessed windows are that they offer many unique features, all rolled into one compact package.

Aesthetics: Recessed windows add extra sophistication to the interiors. They give a clear-cut appearance to your windows. The recess can be the perfect place to showcase your souvenirs and books. Your window can be a bold style statement that redefines the character of the room.

Recreating the Past: Recessed windows give people a chance to add a distinctive flavor of the past into their home décor. They are a popular choice for the renovation of period properties. Even in modern homes, recessed windows increase the curb appeal to a large extent and set the house apart.

Utilization of Space: Recessed windows can be the perfect solution for attics and for rooms with window seats. They add a sense of space in an otherwise small room.

Reducing Temperature: In the summer, the extreme temperatures can make staying inside very uncomfortable. Deeply recessed windows reduce solar heat gain and help bring down the temperature of the room.
Renovation Favorite: If you have taken up a renovation project, or the house wall are thicker than usual, recessed windows are a perfect choice.
Recessed Windows

Shall I Fit it Inside or Outside?

Before you select a window treatment for your recessed window, take a few moments to decide whether you want an inside mount or an outside mount. Both the options have ardent supporters and ultimately it is your requirements that will inform your choice. Let’s look at some of the benefits that are associated with both options.

Outside Mount
When the blinds or shades are fitted outside the recess, they provide better cover. It is also easy to find the perfect fit. The whole process of fitting the blind becomes much easier when you fit the blinds outside. Moreover, the items placed on the sill or any window handle or any other obstruction does not get in the way of the blind when you open or close them. When open, it definitely lets in more light than an inside mount.
However, the outside mount will hide the beautiful objects you had a place on the window sill. You will also have to drill the wall to fit in the brackets. It is not an option if you have a window seat along with the recessed window.

Inside Mount
Inside mount is visually appealing. It creates the illusion of space and gives the room an open feeling. Mounting the blinds or shades inside the recess gives the room a clear, neat finish. Fitting the blinds can be easy, as the blinds can be fitting right into the frames.

The trouble with an inside mount is that the window will let in much less light compared to one with an outside mount. The operation of the blind can be hampered if there are obstructions, like window handles, in the way. When open, strong winds might make the blind knock out the objects placed on the sill.

A Fitting Choice

Blinds look great on recessed windows, just like pictures look great in frames. Fitting recessed windows with blinds can be tricky, but the result will make you proud. There are several window-treatment options available for recessed windows, and each comes with their unique style and benefits.

Venetian Blind

The first option that comes to mind is Venetian Blinds. Venetian blinds are extremely versatile, available in a wide range of colors and materials. They consist of horizontal slats made of wood or metal and are suspended on ladder cords. The best feature of Venetian blinds is that the slats can be adjusted to control both the volume and direction of the light, coming into the room. Select wooden slats if you are looking to fit your room with a traditional, yet trendy look.
Venetian Blinds for Recessed Windows

Roman Shades

Fabricated roman shades can be custom made to fit your window. The fabric material can be selected to go with pretty much any decoration style and pattern. Roman shades add subdued warmth to your room which will blend perfectly well with any traditional theme.

Roman shades are very good at blocking light as it leaves a very little gap between the window frame and the fabric. The fabric is easy to clean and durable, so that very little is needed to kee\p it looking as good as new. When fitted outside, roman shades give the window a clear, defined look.
Roman Shades for Recessed Windows

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds provide the perfect blend of practicality and versatility. Available in every possible color and design you can think of, roller blinds can be an excellent choice for mounting outside your recess. They are easy to install, handle and maintain.
Roller Shades for Kitchen
Their ease of maintenance is only rivaled by their multi-featured benefit. Roller blinds are great for providing full coverage. They can be customized to include blackout features or to add heat-reflective properties. If you are a design enthusiast, roller blinds will give you plenty of patterns and designs to play with.
Select the perfect blind and light up your room with the unique beauty of recessed windows.

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