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5 Affordable Alternatives to Shutters

5 Affordable Alternatives to Shutters

For a long time, traditional wooden shutters have protected homes from the onslaught of heat and sun. Primarily found on the exterior of houses, these wooden shutters stood as a formidable barrier against the blasting rays of the sun and the freezing draughts of the winter.

Traditional shutters are also known as Colonial shutters, owing to their origin in New England. They were a regular fixture in homes in the Northeast. Now, traditional shutters are mostly associated with traditional homes, while other variations of shutters adorn homes all over the country.

Shutters are extremely popular due to their insulation properties, high durability, excellent control over light filtering and privacy. However, shutters bring with them the inevitable traditional look that does not always go with modern décor. Traditional shutters are also very heavy and expensive. For these reasons, the consumers are looking for more affordable and stylish alternatives to shutters. Let’s look at some options that are already gaining huge popularity with home-owners around the country.

Wooden Window Blinds

If you are looking for an environment-friendly alternative, with all the appeal and elegance of wood, go for wooden window blinds.

Wooden blinds are modern, lightweight, easy to install and definitely a budget-friendly alternative to wooden shutters. The sheer variety of designs, colors, and textures would make it very easy for you to find the exact match for your interiors. Other than looks, wooden blinds also come with some attractive functionalities.
Slim-Fit Wooden Blinds
Light Control
Like shutters, wooden blinds also provide excellent light-control functionalities. When closed, the heavy built of the slats block a lot of the light that fall on them. On the other hand, when they are open, you can position the slats in any way you prefer, to control the flow of light into the room.

Wood is not a good conductor of heat, which makes it an excellent insulator. In the summer, the wooden blinds prevent heat from entering the interiors, while in the winter, it traps in heat to keep your energy bills down.

When it comes to privacy, wooden blinds are just as effective as shutters. The heavy material provides adequate cover from the outside, with the added benefit of blocking neighborhood noise.

The natural make of wooden blinds makes them highly durable, especially against the elements. So, just like shutters, wooden blinds last for years without any visible damage or decay.

Vision Blinds

Another unique alternative to shutters can be found in vision blinds, also known as zebra shades. Vision blinds are a hybrid of venetian blinds and roller shades. In vision blinds two layers of fabric slide against one another to give you extensive control over light filtering and privacy. The outer layer consists of translucent fabric, while the inner layer is made up of venetian slat like structures which can be tilted open or close to achieving varying levels of privacy. When you need lots of light, just keep the slats open, and when you wish to have some privacy, close the slats to cut off the view completely from outside.

Vision blind is a sleek, and economical alternative to wooden shutters. They look very smart and can be fashioned to give that natural wooden look. Their availability in various color schemes is an added advantage.
Horizontal Sheer Shades

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have their own elegance. The vertical slats add a new dimension to the room, making your room look taller and prouder. Just like the wooden slats, vertical blinds can be opened and closed to achieve varying levels of privacy and light control.

If you opt for a blackout material, you will achieve great insulation, as well as noise cancellation properties. Closing the blinds would create that night-like effect in your room, creating the perfect ambiance for a movie or a relaxing snooze.
Wooden Vertical Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

If insulation is the reason for your interest in other alternatives, you can give honeycomb blinds a try. Honeycomb blinds are specially made from multi-layered fabric that has honeycomb hollow structures in it. These hollow structures trap the heat in and turn the blind into a great insulation barrier. The superlight material is also very easy to operate.

You can select from a wide selection of materials, ranging from blackout cellular shades to light-filtering cellular shades. The blackout shades would help you recreate the night-like effect, while the light-filtering blinds would keep the room bright and sunny.
Motorized Honeycomb Shades

Bamboo Blinds

If our heart is set on the natural look, you might want to shift your focus to bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds are increasingly gaining huge popularity among environment-conscious consumers, mostly due to their versatility and high durability.
Woven Bamboo Shades
Aesthetic Appeal
Bamboo blinds can be an aesthetic delight if you can sync it properly with your décor. Modern weaving styles have made bamboo blinds an elegant option for creating that rustic, untethered look. As a material, bamboo is extremely versatile, lending itself to various designs and styles. It can be molded into wooden blinds, or the fibers can be strewn into soft, curtain-like materials.

Environmental Concerns
As the industries are grappling with the growing concern around global warming, the market is responding with more environmentally sustainable options. Bamboo blinds tick all the boxes in this respect. The material is bio-degradable so that when you dispose of them, they make the least environmental damage.

Light and Ventilation
With bamboo blinds, you can make your room smart and airy, with sheer curtain-like weaves. One the other hand, if you opt for a wooden slat like structure, you will get more light-blocking functionalities. Depending on your choice, you will get varied levels of insulation as well.

The natural fibers of bamboo can resist mold and insects, making them a perfect choice for outdoor use.
You will get all this, and more, in a fraction of the costs involved in installing traditional shutters.

There is plenty out there to suit the varied requirements of the customers who wish for some affordable alternatives to shutters. Let your requirements guide you and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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