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5 Awesome Living Room Ideas to Wow your Guests

A beautiful living room.

When having people over at your place, the living room is the default place where you will be spending time with them. Sure you might have dinner with them in the dining room, maybe having a few cocktails and meals, but afterwards, you usually move your party into the larger, more comfortable space of the living room. As the host, it’s your job to make sure your guests are entertained and having a good time. One thing you can do is ensure that your living room is loaded with all sorts of items to keep the good times rolling, and we here at Zebrablinds have some suggestions for you on how to do this.

Entertainment System

Your living room can become the ultimate place for viewing parties. There’s a big game going on? Invite everyone together and watch. Want to marathon your favourite series or movies with friends? You have the home theatre system in place. You will need to ensure that your living room has the seating capacity with either a full couch set or a large sectional sofa. Then you will want to have a large enough screen that can be seen by all and from any location in the living room. Lastly, it never hurts to have a great sound system that can help make watching a movie in the room feel like being in the cinema.

The obvious focal point in this type of setup is the television or the projector screen. Make sure to arrange the living space around it, with all the seats having a good angle to be able to view the screen and the screen at eye level for everyone. If you have a great sound system to compliment the screen, it is a great idea to keep the speakers hidden, or otherwise innocuous to the eyes. You will want to keep the base system somewhere close and then surround the rest of the room with speakers, wrapping your guests with great audio throughout the viewing.

Dance Party

Maybe your guests aren’t the type of people to sit down for long periods of time marathoning shows or movies. Maybe they’re the type of people who like to flex their dance skills to some upbeat music. If this is the case, you can use the same great sound system in place and add some disco lights. Just clear the space and open up the floor for your dance party. You will need to make sure that the space is decluttered. Things like large couches and coffee tables are no longer the focal point. You may want to push the sitting places over to the walls and corners to clear up the center of the living room for your lively guests.

Gear Towards Interior Design

Not all people like to dance. So maybe your friends and family aren’t into getting on the dance floor and “busting some moves.” Perhaps they’re more of the tea and book club variety. If this is the case, then you will want to step up your decor game and wow your guests with your style.

There are many ways to express your decor style and there are so many different styles to choose from. You can incorporate bold colours and clean lines with the mid-century modern decor style. You can go with a classic victorian-era style look, with bold fluff and a lot of wall art. With each style, there are furniture pieces and window treatments that can accentuate it. With a mid-century or Scandinavian look, you can use wood blinds to add to the straight, clean and minimalist look. With the victorian or southern gothic era looks, you can use roman shades to add to the bold appearance you are going for.

Wooden blinds in a living room.

Wow with the Latest Toys

People young and old like to have the coolest and the most interesting technology populating their home, giving them all sorts of toys to play with. Your guests are the same way, they like to be entertained by seeing how the latest technologies work around the house, especially if they are automated. Plenty of devices are capable of functioning on their own or need just minimal effort to control. These can include vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, smart lights and table lamps, and even smart shades.

You can populate the living area with these smart home products, giving your guests something to be entertained about as you host them. These devices can be controlled with a remote control, voice control via devices like Amazon Alexa, and through your smartphone. You can leave your guests gawking as you have your smart motorized blinds go up and down after dinner, or watch them laugh as the robot vacuum zips by. 

Combine Everything

Why limit yourself to just one of the above ideas? Why not combine smart blinds with a big entertainment system and a unique living room design? You don’t have to limit yourself to just one way of doing things, life is not so black and white. This way you can have a variety of guests with a lot of different interests and you will have something to do for all of them.

You will also have something to keep yourself occupied throughout the process. Never forget, your living room, just like yourself, is a never-ending process of improvement. You may be satisfied with the way one thing is one day, but it may need tweaking the next. The living room is not just the space to entertain your guests, it is also the room where you will be spending a lot of time relaxing and refreshing yourself after a long day. So, it becomes imperative that you make sure this room caters to your wants and needs as much as it is a space to wow your guests.

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