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5 Beach Cottage Window Treatments to Prepare For Summer

5 Beach Cottage Window Treatments For Summer

Beach Cottage and Hot Summer Months

Do you own a dreamy little cottage on the beach where you seek refuge from the bustling and crowded city life? It is such a welcome break to be able to break away from the bricks, mortars and skyscrapers to a place where you have only the sounds of breaking waves for company. The sound of the waves has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Taking a stroll along the beach and watching the rising and setting sun casting their gorgeous hue on the sparkling waters and sand is a breathtaking experience. Spending even few days by the sea can be extremely therapeutic.

A beach-side cottage is everyone’s dream and can be a straight-out-of-a-book experience. But at the end of it, we live in a world where every place is fraught with challenges. While a beach-side cottage sounds extremely lucrative and attractive, there are practical concerns that have to be addressed before you can lose yourself in a romantic escapade. Firstly a house so close to the beach is exposed to high level of moisture all through the year which can wreak havoc in your house. Prolonged exposure to moisture can affect the longevity of your home’s interiors particularly your window blinds and shades. Summers in beach areas can be quite warm and the sun’s rays harsh. You need to choose your window treatments wisely so that they can be long-lasting and also protect your home from heat and harmful UV rays that are extremely damaging for health and your home’s delicate interiors.

Beach Cottage Window Treatments to Beat the Summer Heat

1. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an excellent choice for your beach homes. Not made from real and natural wood, this material can survive extreme changes in temperature as they do not warp or peel off. They are resistant to dust and moisture and perfect for places that are high in humidity and experience dampness. Exposure to harsh sunlight does not cause them to turn yellow. The slats of faux wood blind can be adjusted to control light in the room and suit your privacy needs. They are a great choice for the summer months as by closing the blinds you can effectively block out heat and light. Faux wood blinds that make a perfect fit on the windows can keep interiors cool and help reduce heat and glare.
Faux Wood Blinds for Beach Cottage

2. Solar Shades

Solar Shades are the best sun protectors for your beach cottages. They help to keep your indoor cool during the hot summer months. They give you complete control over light filtration and they allow natural light to stream through at 3%, 5%, 10%, and 15% levels. A 10% transparency means 90% blockage of UV rays and sunlight. Lower openness makes rooms darker with minimum light seepage while higher openness will give your house maximum diffused light and minimum privacy. This gives better control on sunlight and UV rays which help protect your furniture and floor from sun damage. They are a great choice of window treatment for your beach homes.
Solar Shades for Beach House

3. Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout Roller Shades are another gorgeous pair of shades for your beach cottages. They are perfect for controlling how much sun enters your house and for maximum light blockage. These Blackout Roller Shades are made of sunscreen material that not only reduces heat gain in the house and the risk of UV exposure. For homes situated on the beach that are exposed to sun and heat during the summer months, these shades are perfect for keeping the interiors cool and protecting your home’s furniture and electronics from sun damage. They also ensure a good night’s sleep by blocking out 100% light. These shades help create an ideal haven at home.
Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

4. Exterior Solar Shades

Transform your beach homes into sun shaded sanctuaries by installing Exterior Solar Shades. These solar shades are mounted on the exterior side of the house instead of indoors. As the mercury soars the glass windows absorb the heat transmits them into the house thereby causing the temperature inside to rise. Exterior Solar Shades catches and blocks out the sun’s rays before they can reach the windows and reflects it back to the source. They help create an effective buffer between your home and the harmful and harsh rays of the sun. They prevent energy loss and put a check on the skyrocketing electricity bills. You expensive home décor items like furniture and furnishings are protected from sun damage and from UV ray exposure. Exterior Solar Shades also give you the flexibility of choosing an interior window treatment of your choice.
Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades

5. Plantation Shutters

Another stunning and aesthetically pleasing yet effective window treatment for your beach cottages for summer is plantation shutters. Though made of hardwood their unique designs prevent them from warping, fading or cracking. The snugly fit shutters have slats that give you control over light filtration, heat gain and privacy. When closed these slats can help restrict the sunlight and prevents them from streaming into the house unfiltered. They help to keep the temperature inside the house moderate and cool even when the sun is betting down mercilessly outside. Proper fit is however important for these shutters to be effective.

Pick up any of these window shades and blinds that are loaded with richness and goodness and help beat the summer heat. The scorching rays of the sun can be effectively kept out of the house and you get to enjoy a cool and pleasant ambiance within. They are not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful and lend a touch of grace and elegance to your homes.

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