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5 Beautiful Curtains in a Ripple Fold Style

5 Beautiful Curtains In A Ripple Fold Style

Dressing up a window can be a challenging endeavor, given the sheer choice of window treatments available in the market. But even with so many choices, most people still opt for curtains, primarily due to their muted grandeur, that appeals to every taste.

Curtains have a unique blend of simplicity and style that can instantly transform the look of the room. With yards of fabric to play around with, there is plenty you can do with your curtains to craft that unique look for your room. Over the centuries, curtains have constantly reinvented themselves. Each unique style has highlighted their reigning status in the world of window treatments. The long, free-flowing structure of curtains lends itself to lots of variations and ripple fold style is the one that has currently captured the imagination of customers.

What are Ripple Fold Curtains?

As the name suggests, ripple fold curtains have a consistent s-curve across its structure to give the curtain a rippled look. These ripples are formed with the help of the carriers, that are corded together to get that smart, wavy look.

Aesthetically, these curtains relieve the monotony of traditional curtains in a stylish way. Even with the plainest curtains, the ripple-fold design adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. The design lends itself to varying levels of customization. Customers can select to have heavy folds for a traditional look or can opt for sleek, swift ripples to get that chic, contemporary look.

Benefits of Ripple Fold Curtains

The beauty of ripple fold curtains is not just the only thing that makes them appealing.
Ease of Maintenance: With ripple fold curtains, you can easily do away with the laborious process of removing hooks and pleats. For cleaning or ironing, just pull the curtains off the snap tape, without causing any damage to the curtain. When you are ready to hang them back on, the whole thing easily falls into the folds. Ease of maintenance is one of the main reasons why ripple fold curtains are so popular in commercial settings.

Ease of Operation: The design of ripple fold curtains makes them extremely easy to use. The heavy folds seamlessly glide across the tracks, with very little effort on your part.

Economical Alternative: Ripple fold curtains are an economical alternative to traditional pleated or Eyelet curtains. Even for 100% fullness, ripple fold curtains require much less fabric than pleated curtains. The mechanism used for the ripple fold design is considerably cheaper than Eyelet curtains.

Compact Design: When compared to other pleated or Eyelet curtains, Ripple fold curtains pack into a neater pile when they are open. This feature makes them a perfect choice for compact living areas, saving space and letting in plenty of natural light.

All these benefits combine to heighten the appeal of ripple fold curtains. Now let’s look at some of the most beautiful curtains in ripple fold design.

Minimalistic Sheers

In 2020, there has been a grown trend toward minimalism. The complex and traditional designs have given way to crisp, compact simplicity of neutral colors and single-tone patterns. What can be as simple and elegant as ripple fold sheer curtains? Cover those large, wall-to-wall windows with the wavy elegance of ripple fold sheers. Keeping with the modern trend, go for white or grey sheers and the effect is ethereal. While the ripples add a sense of mysticism to the view outside, you can still enjoy the full benefit of natural light and heightened privacy with these curtains. Pair the sheers with contrasting blackout ripple fold curtains and enjoy around-the-clock protection from the elements.

Blackout Ripple Fold Curtains

Take a break from the contrast intrusion of the outdoor lights with these blackout curtains. Available in a variety of fabrics with multi-functional benefits, blackout ripple fold curtains will turn your room into an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Create a night like an effect with these curtains to enjoy a quick sleep or a lovely movie, even when the sun is blazing outside. Blackout ripple fold curtains can also save you big bucks in your energy bills by trapping the heat in.
Blackout Ripple Fold Curtains

Printed Ripple Fold Curtains

Never experimented with prints before? Now is your chance. Ripple fold curtains look exceptionally good in prints. Select a pattern that would look good in folds and try it out on the ripple fold curtains. The looks will be a great hit with your visitors. The lovely folds would accentuate simple prints, making it very easy to match them with cushions to create a unified look throughout the house.

Monotones in Ripples

Perhaps the most common rendition of ripple fold curtains is seen in monochromatic tones. The ripples look simply alluring in dark colors. Pair it with a contrasting sheer ripple fold curtains, and you will have a dramatic play of colors dominate your room. Create a stunning look with vibrant monotones in the ripple fold design.

Ripple fold with Blinds

Never thought of it? Well, if you wish to create a unique look to your room, you can think of pairing plain ripple fold curtains with dark, printed fabric blinds. The benefits of a blind and a curtain combination are manifold, especially when it comes to insulation and privacy. Throw in a bit of glamour into it, and you have created the best possible combination in window treatments. Blinds can give you more privacy, more insulation, and light-blocking functionalities than curtains alone, while curtains will give you the flexibility of light filtering during the day. With the sheer variety of blinds available in the market, you will find it very easy to get that perfect match for your ripple fold curtains.

You can’t get wrong with ripple fold curtains. No matter what you design you select, or how you wish to layer your curtains, you will still get that polished, sophisticated look for your room with ripple fold curtains.

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