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5 Best Blinds For a Cool Summer From

5 Best Blinds for a Cool Summer from

Summers in Canada can be a little tricky to deal with it. While the humidity is average, it can be a little hot, especially during the first weeks of June stretching up until mid to late August. The average temperature and the length of the summer season also depend on which parts of Canada you are in. In eastern sections of Canada, for example cities such as Montreal and Toronto, summers can extend till early September.

Blinds as a solution to having cool homes during the summer

While northern parts of Canada are cooler than the rest of the country during the summers, the western parts have lower humidity. Fortunately, summers in Canada are not extreme and do not move to an unbearable stage. But it does get progressively warmer and has the makings of a textbook summer.

That being said, there are many ways in which people prepare for the summer. As the summer approaches, people usually decide to get their air conditioners checked or plan on investing on newer cooling systems. Along with that, everyone looks for different solutions to keep their homes cool. One of the most cost-effective, convenient, and time-saving methods of doing so is by investing in a reliable set of window blinds.

There are blinds that are specifically catered to controlling the temperature of a home. Besides that, they can give you some much needed privacy and helps you control the amount of light that enters your rooms. Moreover, on account of the variety of colours, designs, patterns, and texture that blinds come in, you can find a really creative way to decorate your rooms. These blinds can be taken down and reused every summer and can literally create a summer look or makeover for your home.

These numerous benefits make a strong case for getting blinds for your windows (for the summer at least). In this blog post, you will learn about some of the best blinds that has to offer specifically for the summers. These blinds are cost-effective, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Window Blinds that can help you during the summer

Here is a list of window treatments that you can use to ensure that you can not only have a pleasant time in the summer with respect to the temperature, but they can also help you throughout the year.

  • Cellular/Honeycomb Shades – If you’re specifically looking for something that can keep your rooms cool during the summer, you might have come across these blinds. has a variety of cellular/honeycomb shades for you to look through. The best part about the insulation properties of cellular or honeycomb shades is that they are useful not just during the summers but can function similarly during the winter as well.

These shades have fabric that are designed to have pockets which are called as ‘cells’ or ‘honeycombs’. These pockets trap the warm air that pushes through the windows and forms an insulating layer. This makes it so that you don’t have to run your air conditioner for long periods of time as the room temperature is not compromised. This also makes sure that your utilities don’t hurt your pocket. These shades function the same way during the winter too. The cold air from outside is trapped, allowing you to reduce the usage of your heaters., you can get motorised cellular shades to increase your quality of life, or even cellular blackout blinds to give you an additional room darkening feature.

  • Solar shades – The standout feature or aspect of solar shades is the fact that you can have protection from sunlight, without having to lose any ventilation. Solar shades have multiple light control features or ‘openness’. The percentage on a solar shade fabric stands for the openness in thread weave. The higher the percentage the easier it is to see through the fabric. In addition, the openness percentage directly correlates to the amount of UV it lets in. A 10% openness only allows 10% of UV to pass through and blocks 90% of it. An even lower openness percentage makes for a more efficient UV protection.

Solar shades also add a lot of brightness to your room. Sometimes, it is necessary to bask in the sunlight. With solar shades from, you can get some sunlight without having to battle the heat.

  • Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds are highly recommended if you have large windows or sliding glass doors. They cover more area due to the positioning of the slats. Unlike horizontal blinds that can cut off the top of your view, vertical blinds make sure you get the most out of your view, which is probably why you have a large window or sliding glass door in the first place.

Depending on your style, you can choose from a variety of material that include PVC, different kinds of fabric or even wood. If you want a calm and soothing atmosphere you can try Zebra Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades. These can dim the sunlight and keep the temperature cool as well.

  • Smart blinds – As a general recommendation, smart motorised blinds can help you in many ways. You can control blinds that are hard to reach with the help of your smart phone or through voice control via a home automation hub. Moreover, upon integrating these blinds to your smart home system, they can gauge the temperature of the room and trigger the control mechanism of the blinds to open and close automatically without human intervention. They can work harmoniously with your smart lights, PC, and security systems as well. They make a great addition for your summer makeover project, and will be useful throughout the year too.

You can also control them with a voice command feature like Google Assistant and Google Home. Amazon equipped Alexa Smart shades are adept at this as well.


Investing in cooling systems and finding other ways to keep yourself cool during the summers can be expensive, sometimes temporary, time consuming, slightly complicated, and exhausting. However, if you decide to get a sturdy set of blinds, it would be cost-effective, durable, long term, and energy efficient. What’s better is that they aren’t just oriented towards ensuring your house is kept cool, but also functional in the sense that you can create privacy, filter light, and use them for decorating your rooms. With, the amount of work you put in to get a good set of blinds can become easier, shorter, and much more wholesome.

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