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5 Best Blinds for Hot Weather

5 Best Blinds For Hot Weather

Skip the Cooling System, Install Window Treatments

The heat of the summer months is going to come knocking on your door very soon and you might be thinking of the ways to keep your home cool and calm. Summer season in Canada tends to be the hottest from June to August and sometimes, it can be hotter for an even longer period especially in cities like Toronto and Montreal. During the summer months, the temperature varies from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius along with high humidity. Planning to invest in cooling systems? Stop yourself as there are some alternatives for you that will keep the energy bills low while keeping your indoor fresh, cool, and comfortable where you can relax throughout the day.

There are many ways to prevent excess sunlight and heat from entering your space. But nothing can beat the functionality of blinds and shades in this scenario. Blocking the passive solar heat through the window blinds can dramatically reduce the home’s temperature. There are plenty of window dressings available that can work effectively to fulfill all your needs. But make sure to select the right fabric and color option as they play a major role in the overall functions. For example, dark-colored window treatments absorb most of the sunbeams and heat, making indoor clumsy. That’s why light-colored window solutions are always preferred in the summer seasons. The interesting fact of these window solutions is all are available in a variety of textures and pattern choices to match your existing décor style, creating a style statement for your home interior.

What are the Best Blinds for Hot Weather?

If you are looking for the trendy and best window blinds to bet the hot weather, then consider the below options that will suit your décor style while working efficiently –

• Cellular Honeycomb Shades

When it comes to cool down your down in extremely hot weather condition, the first name strikes in our mind is cellular blinds. The shades are popular and well-known for their insulation property. Honeycomb structured air pockets trap the excess air and keep the indoor cool and comfy during extreme hot weather conditions. These window shades have the highest R-value compared to other window shades which ensure that these shades resist maximum amount of heat through the windows. Blackout cellular shades are incredible in this situation.
Cellular Honeycomb Shades

• Custom Solar Shades

These window shades come with different openness factors that balance the amount of natural light enters your interior and privacy. Opting for higher openness factors will allow more light and more visibility to the outside. But in order to keep your indoor pleasing and relaxing, smaller opacity window shades are required i.e. 1%-5% Graber solar shades.
Custom Solar Shades

• Exterior Solar Shades

Outdoors are the best place to enjoy some quality time during summer seasons while cherishing the beautiful natural beauty. But high temperature can be a barrier between all these. Exterior solar shades can be a great solution to cut the excess heat while bringing elegance and warmth to this place. The practical window shades are made of polyester and fiberglass material, making them extremely durable and flame-resistant. Energy-efficiency will lower the home’s overall utility bills, creating a summer retreat for fun and enjoyment.
Exterior Sun Shades

• Skylight Window Blinds

Rooftop windows are a great source of direct daylight, but they can overheat your room when untreated. To prevent this, skylight window blinds are an ideal selection. Keep them closed when the outside temperature is high or at night time keep them open to enjoy the beautiful sky view. Available in different texture and color tones that will give those windows a stylish and unique makeover.
Skylight Window Shades

• Vertical Blinds

Sliding glass doors, patio doors, and large windows let in a large amount of light and to prevent that you need vertical blinds. These sleek and stylish solutions are made from fabric, wood, PVC, or vinyl material, making them highly sturdy and durable. Striking designs and elegant color options make these windows the focal point of your room. You can go for Zebra Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades that will let you enjoy a soothing natural light along with an ultimate comfortable atmosphere. These amazing window blinds make your space look bigger while being highly functional and reliable.

Integrating motorization with these window dressings gives you additional benefits. Temperature sensors of smart window shades will work automatically and close themselves when the temperature of your home surroundings is extreme.

No matter what window blind or shade you select, try to opt for blackout fabric material for maximum efficiency. Measure the windows accurately and install them properly to keep the sun out of the home. For more sun blocking window treatments, contact the designer experts and ready your home like a pro!

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