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5 Best Shades For Your Sunroom

Best Shades for Sunroom

Transform Your Sunroom Into a Safe Haven

In this blog post, you will learn about the best shades for a sunroom. So, if you have one on your residential property, it is time to make use of it this summer! It is quite a distinctive feature of your home, so why not flaunt it? Make it look stunning for all seasons. You have to ensure that whichever window treatment you end up buying, that it should enable light filtering of incoming sunlight as well as form a tight sealing during the colder months. A sunroom is also a place where you can relax and let down your hair. Be yourself and decorate it to complement your personality. It is, after all, an extension of your home. So, make sure that the décor also matches the rest of the design stylings of the house. By reading on, we hope that you make the right decision about which shadings will be perfect for the sunroom.

Things to Consider Before Buying Sunroom Shades

Before we jump into the window shades and go Rambo on the various sunroom shadings, there are some things to consider before we purchase any of these window dressings. They are as follows:

The focal point of the room: This is a crucial thing to take note of. Step inside the sunroom and look around. If the focus is on the outside, then go for vertical shadings. If the focus lies inside, then go for a softer, more delicate kind of shading. To add drama and theatrics to space, go for bold solid colors. When the window coverings are opened the scenic view gets accentuated.

Your décor: When you scout for window dressings, there are so many choices in the market. What is the existing décor style in your house? Is it rustic? Or is it casual with a modern twist? Window covers are an extension of the interior home décor. For a sense of consistency, it is ideal that both the sunroom coverings and the home décor match.

The size and shape of your sunroom and windows: Another important factor in buying coverings for this room, is the dimensions of the windows present inside this room. Take note of the size of the sunroom space itself. Cool colored shades make a place seem large. Tall verticals will extend the room too. For small windows, use roller shades or mini blinds, for large ones use vertical blinds. Go for cellular shades if the windows are odd-shaped or curved.

The need and desire for privacy: Install cellular shades as they act as excellent noise blockers. If your sunroom is located close to traffic, the chances are that there is bound to be outdoor interference. So, when you and your loved ones sit and relax in the sunroom, you get privacy as well as lots of incoming natural light. Moreover, you can also enjoy the glorious view of the sky.

Figuring out a sunroom shade should not be a difficult task. Go through these guidelines to help you select the ideal sunroom window coverings and complement the rest of the house décor.

Here are the best shades for the sunroom

Now that we have established the things to take into account before the purchasing process let us check out the five possibilities of window coverings for your sunroom. They are as follows:

Roller Shades: They are great for large windows and are easy to operate. Therefore, it is ideal for those homes that have children and pets. It is also a popular style to install in sunrooms. There is an assortment of styles and colors to help match your home décor. One more thing, try using these shades to give a soft hue to space and keep the focus on the rest of the room.
Roller Shades for Sunroom
Cellular Shades: These shades have a high R-Value, which means that their window fabric coverings have high levels of insulation. These window dressings are suitable for extreme incoming sunlight. You want some amount of the sunlight but not harsh, harmful amounts, right? These shades act as a barrier against harmful UV rays and radiation. You not only get total protection but also fade prevention for your interiors, carpets, flooring, and expensive furniture. During the summer months, your sunroom will feel chill. Cellular shadings are most commonly found in solariums.
Cellular Shades for Sunroom
Woven Woods Shades: These shades are also known as Natural Roman Shades. They are roman shades that are designed from natural fabrics. They have a low R-Value, which means that their material is not high on insulation. Due to their construction, when the shades are installed, they tend to block less incoming light. As a result, they are ideal for sunrooms.
Woven Wooden Shades for Sunroom
Sheer Shades: These shades are not suitable for privacy, but they allow vast amounts of light to pass through. Their fabric is sheer; therefore, it is translucent, light, and classy. Bring elegance to your sunroom by installing these shades. You can enjoy the outside view with these shades, as well. For larger windows present inside the room, try the sheer vertical blinds.
Sheer Shades for Bedroom
Solar Shades or Sunscreen Shades: Go for solar shadings to block out the glare from the sun and protect yourself from harmful UV rays and radiation. If your windows face west or east, then these shades are the best fit for your sunroom. You can read from your tablets or smartphones and work on your laptop without hurting your eyes. These shades are also called sunscreen shades.

Alternate Sunroom Dressings

Now it is quite possible that after reading about the shades mentioned above, it may not match with your existing décor, which is nature-themed or wood theme. That is alright. We have a solution to that dilemma. Take a peek at wooden shutters. More specifically, plantation shutters. These window shadings can be ideal for sunrooms, and it can suit your whimsical interior design stylings. These types of screens are permanent, mind you, so you have to be sure about installing them before you can buy them. But they do add value to your home. What’s more, is that these shutters allow you to adjust incoming light. By changing the louvers, you can let some light pass through, block the ones that give glare, and protect yourself from harmful UV radiation. On the level of appearance, they look majestic as well.

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