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5 Best Smart Blinds That Help For Noise Reduction

5 Best Smart Blinds That Help For Noise Reduction

The primary usage of blinds is to help in shielding yourself from harsh sunlight. Depending on the type of blinds, you can get different levels of light control. Along with light control, blinds are also adept at giving you privacy. Additionally, depending on the fabric and material of the blinds you can avail the ability of some blinds to help in controlling the temperature at home. Amongst all these benefits, what is perhaps the underrated benefit of blinds however, is the fact they can reduce and absorb noise.

Noise can be just as irritating as harsh sunlight, lack of privacy and uncomfortable temperatures. You might live on a noisy and busy street with traffic all day and night. On occasion, your neighbours might be hosting a party when you want to turn in early. Your neighbours (or you yourself) might have a pet that isn’t necessarily quiet all the time. There might even be some construction work going on near your home.  

The value of silence has risen immensely since the shift to work-from-home culture has surfaced. Since meetings with teams, co-workers and clients take place on online, the unnecessary disturbances can be disruptive. No one wants to look unprofessional, especially due to circumstances out of their control. Not to mention, noise absorption helps you sleep, enhances your movie or gaming experience and even helps in keeping your yoga or exercise routine uninterrupted.

Considering smart blinds as an option for your window treatment needs

Smart blinds have an in-built motor that makes it easier for you to access them. You can conventionally do this by using a remote, your smartphone or even voice control. Smart blinds are particularly useful when they cover window treatments that are difficult to reach and are also handicap friendly. They are also safer options with homes that have pets and children when compared to their corded counterparts.

Blinds equipped with a smart feature use their sensors to detect your consumption patterns to make your life easier. The automated feature of these blinds ensure that they operate without your intervention (with the help of your previous consumption) to determine the most optimal setting without having to disrupt your day.

With smart home integration, you can connect your blinds to your smart lights, smart air conditioners and security systems to help facilitate data from each other to help them all make smarter decisions.

Smart blinds guarantee an immersive experience and can really help reduce the amount of noise you may encounter on a daily basis. The sensors in blinds are catered to reducing the number of distractions you might face. This includes extreme temperatures, harsh sunlight, privacy and as well.

Smart Blinds That Help in Noise Reduction

  • Smart Honeycomb Blinds – Honeycomb (also referred to as cellular blinds) are window treatments that are mainly credited for their capability to insulate your home. The fabric of the blinds has ‘cells’ or ‘honeycombs’ that help in trapping pockets of air, delaying the contact of the warm air with the cooler air within your home. This reduces the usage of your air conditioning and is energy efficient. These blinds can be used in the winter to keep the cold air out too.

Additionally, noise, just like the heat, use the surrounding air and wind as a medium of travel. This means that while honeycomb blinds trap the hot air, the can also subdue the sound waves around it. The fact that they are equipped with a smart feature and a motor is all the more beneficial.

  • Smart Roman BlindsRoman Blinds are known for their thick fabrics. Besides the fact that they are used primarily for light control and room darkening (with complementary aesthetics), the fact that they have thick fabric also entails the fact they have multiple layers of resistance against sound waves. The addition of the smart feature to these blinds is a wonderful twist on a traditional and classic window treatment.
  • Smart Blackout Blinds – Blackout Blinds are known for their ability to darken a room. They are mostly useful for shift workers who need rest during the day and people who need to darken their dens or gaming rooms for the best and immersive experience out there. The nature of the fabric and material of the blackout blinds offer a little bit of extra padding to the rooms in which they are mounted, which makes them a viable window treatment for noise blocking purposes.
  • Smart Shutters – Shutters are made out of thicker material when compared to the conventional blinds. This makes them great window treatment candidates. They are also easy to install (plantation shutters for instance) and are cost-effective, making it easier to invest in their smarter variants.
  • Combination Coverings – Combination coverings are quite interesting. They provide an intriguing aesthetic. They make rooms feel wholesome and gives you the opportunity to experiment with combinations of window treatments. The effective double layer combo can make them an efficient blocker of noise too.
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