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5 Best Ways to Block Heat from a Sliding Glass Door

5 Best Ways To Block Heat From A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home, giving you access to the outdoors while allowing natural light and fresh air to enter your indoor. The doors are a perfect and delightful way of enjoying the breath-taking view of outside nature without any hurdle. Their unique architecture makes them distinct from other standard doors, enhance the spaciousness of any room, and a well-decorated beauty can make the doors the focal point of your home arena. Beautiful sunshine through these doors can enlighten your overall space but what happens when it becomes excessive? The answer is an uneasy and clumsy room ambiance. A bare or uncovered glass door can cause you various problems like – more exposure to sunlight, harmful rays that can damage your valuable belongings, lack of privacy, and excess heat that makes your indoors uncomfortable. Summer is around the corner and harsh heat conditions not only make your space overheated but also increase the home’s energy costs. To maintain the perfect indoor balance, covering the doors is essential with the right solution. Unlike hinged doors, blinds or shades cannot be fixed directly to the door panel with sliding glass doors. Due to its large size and location, there are few limited blind options available. The top suggested window solutions will not only block heat from sliding glass doors but also bring modern style and elegance into any home.

Top 5 Window Blinds to Block Heat from a Sliding Glass Door

Glass doors can add splendor to your home while staying versatile and practical. So, it is vital to choose the best one that won’t hide the beauty of the doors but will offer some functional benefit to keep you pleased and comfortable. Consider the below window coverings to protect your indoor from the natural harshness –

• Vertical Blinds

The go-to solution for your sliding glass door is a vertical blind. These blinds have been around for decades because of their incredibly smooth mechanism and reliability. They flow from side to side making them suitable to install on glass doors. A strong and durable headrail system keeps them aligned and maintain their smooth functionality. Not only are vertical blinds solid and durable, but they also look attractive too because of their endless availability in colors, textures, and pattern options. Customizing them will add sophistication and style to your living space. Vertical blinds can be made from wood, PVC or fabric materials. These solutions are available in chain control and cordless mechanism. A no-cord function ensures child and pet safety. Installing these blinds on sliding glass doors is a perfect decision to get rid of excessive heat and harsh daylight.
Vertical Blinds for Sliding Door

• Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades

These window dressings act as the best coverage on sliding doors because of their sleeker and modern look. The uses of superior quality material making them extremely sturdy to withstand harsh sunlight and heat. The rails on which these panel systems move are also robust and durable. The solutions act as room dividers also which means one treatment with so many offerings. They come in a large number of colors and fabric choices to give your décor a contemporary look. With the easy customization procedure, give your doors a designer and stylish look.
Sliding Panel Blinds for Sliding Door

• Vertical Cellular Shades

These window treatments are a great solution to dress up your sliding glass doors. The shades are uniquely designed with honeycomb structured air pockets that trap the excess heat inside, keep indoor cool and pleasing in sunny weather. Being energy-efficient, the vertical cellular shades control the sunlight, glare, UV rays while providing a level of privacy. The shades are available in different light controlling options that include light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Depending on the requirements, you can personalize the shades with your preferred fabric choice. If you have these doors in your bedroom or media room, then choosing these shades won’t disappoint you.
Light Filtering Vertical Cellular Shades

• Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a timeless beauty along with some classic touch on your sliding doors, then opt for plantation shutters. These dressings are made of wood and composite wood material to give the doors an eco-friendly appearance. Shutters are excellent when it comes to light control, privacy, and ventilation. Adjusting the slats will prevent the extra heat and keep your space cool and comfortable. They are extremely durable and built to last. High-performance and aesthetic beauty make these shutters a great choice to install on glass doors.
Sliding Door Plantation Shutters

• Draperies / Curtains

Draperies or curtains are a fashionable way to decorate your sliding glass doors. The variety of matching fabrics and design options will easily co-ordinate with the existing décor style, giving it a fascinating and phenomenal look. Drapes not only look attractive, but also efficient in controlling sunlight, blocking heat, energy-saving, and offering protection. The solutions have different privacy and insulating liners to get better control of privacy and heat. For maximum benefits, layer them with other blinds and shades and enjoy that additional flair. Customize and install to enjoy a soft and subtle look of sliding glass doors.

No matter what type of indoor you have or what window solution you select, all these above-mentioned dressings will work wonderfully on your bare sliding glass doors, giving the door a gorgeous and astounding beauty. For more inspiration, you can consult with a designer or browse online. Make a home that will give you a reason to stay in!!

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