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5 Best Window Sun Shades for Your House Exterior

5 Best Window Sun Shades For Your House Exterior

What are Exterior Sun Shades?

Window sun shades are a fine way to control the light that filters through your home. While blackout shades are known for their opacity, sun shades have a wider variety of choices that you can choose from depending on the quantity of light you would want to enter your home. Exterior shades are also recommended because they form a natural barrier between the outside environment and your window, creating an insulating barrier of air that will be ideal for controlling temperatures much more effectively.

Exterior sun shades also prevent direct sunlight from falling upon your window, which reduces the usually significant heat transfer that’s caused by radiated heat. There are five types of exterior sun shades that you will find extremely useful based on the requirements you have for your home. In winter, these shades will form an added layer of protection that will keep a majority of the heat from escaping your home. In other words, external shading is an excellent way to reduce your energy costs and helps maintain a comfortable living temperature in all but the most extreme of climates.

Types of Exterior Sun Shades

1. Wooden Awnings

These are used in locations with a typically sunny climate, they excel at keeping the window (and by extension your home) from feeling the full brunt of the sun. While wooden shades are a great option to keep the sun away, they are also opaque and quite solid. So, while you could have an effective shade, you won’t have much in the way of versatility. However, with that being known, wooden shades are still a spectacular option and add a certain classic sense of aesthetics to any home they are in.

2. Exterior Wooden Blinds

If you’re looking for something more versatile in the way of window sunshades for the house exterior, then you’ll find that external wooden blinds are far better in this regard. The wooden slats may not give you the percentage-based light control that you would want, but the heat control will be nearly absolute. It is important to note that wooden blinds in humid and rainy climates will not be ideal as untreated wooden blinds can warp in the presence of moisture.
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3. Exterior Roller Shades – Fabric

Roller shades for the exterior of your home are a fine option when high-quality, hardy fabrics are used. Fabric-based roller shades are excellent when you’re looking to let some light in while still keeping the heat out. Most exterior fabric roller shades offer a general opacity of 85-90% but depending on your choice, you can get window sun shades for your house exterior that even conform to a 99% opacity. The use of high-quality fabrics from reputed vendors will allow you to set up durable exterior shades that can easily withstand the elements. The use of colors here will also provide you with a vastly different experience as lighter colors will generally admit more light than darker colors, while darker colors will admit more heat than lighter colors because of their tendency to absorb and emit heat.
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4. Exterior Blackout Shades

If you’re looking for something a little more extreme in way of sun shades and possess a desire for complete darkness, you will find that exterior blackout shades are quite functional when it comes to keeping the heat out in summer and insulating your home in winter. But know that blackout shades leave little room for versatility since they either allow 100% of light (when raised) or 0%, so if you’re someone who likes an all-or-nothing approach to your lighting, then blackout exterior shades are the best option for you.
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5. Sheer Exterior Solar Shades

Solar shades are for those of you who love basking in the sun but also hate getting sunburned. These window sun shades for your house exterior seem almost miraculous when it comes to heat absorption. Depending upon your requirements, you can find solar shades that absorb anywhere from 40% to 70% of the light entering your home. They are typically made from high-quality cotton or polyester and come in many styles that are sure to add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Typically, a finely-matched set of exterior solar shades will not only save you from excessive heating costs, but also from lighting costs. Just set up exterior solar shades in your reading room and you’ll find that you won’t need to turn on any reading lights until the sun starts going down.
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Each of these makes a great choice of sunshade treatment for the exterior of house windows. They are designed and manufactured in a way that allows them to survive rough weather conditions. They provide a layer of protection for your windows and they work brilliantly in regions that experience extreme heat conditions.

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