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5 Blinds and Shades Designed for Large Living Room Windows

5 Blinds and Shades Designed for Large Living Room Windows

When you have large living room windows, they automatically become the focal point of the room. Large windows let in loads of natural light, lets you enjoy the fantastic views, and make you feel connected to the natural world outside. So, even from your sofa, you will be able to enjoy the delights of nature, unhindered by the concrete barriers created by man. But the weather comes with its moody twists and turns. One moment, you might be enjoying the warm beams of the sun, and in the next moment, the chilly wind starts extending its fingers right into your living room. As most of the energy loss happens through windows, rooms with large windows lose their heat fast and take longer to heat up as well. To avoid this, you need to cover your windows with flexible window treatment solutions that address all the specific requirements of your large living room windows.

What are the Specific Requirements of Large Living Room Windows?

Large living room windows are undoubtedly a bit tricky to cover. It’s not just the mechanical aspect, but also considerations around insulation and privacy that will play a big role in your choice.

Insulation: Insulation should be at the top of the priority list if you have large windows. A lot of heat loss or gain happens through the windows. To preserve energy and cut down on your heating costs, you need a window treatment solution that provides proper insulation.

Privacy: Much as we like the view, after sundown, privacy concerns come into play. You need a versatile solution that would address your privacy concerns adequately, especially after sundown, when the whole family gathers around for spending quality time together.

Light Control: While the abundance of light seems to be the very function of large windows, a lot of light can become overwhelming. If your living room doubles as a media room as well, the glare and heat of the sun can become extremely uncomfortable. Even with the cooling system running round-the-clock, the glare of the sun still might get in the way of your comfort. Select a window covering that protects you from glare and harmful UV rays.

Sound-Control: Sound control is another aspect you might wish to consider. Although many houses might not need it, but houses that are surrounded by busy neighborhoods might wish to have some sort of sound-protective layer on the windows.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance: Finally, ease of operation has to be taken into account. Depending on how high the windows are and how heavy the coverings are, you will have to make sure that operating the coverings is hassle-free and convenient. It might also be a good idea to consider smart motorization or remote-control operation. With smart motorization, you will be able to operate heavy curtains or blinds with the help of your digital devices, or even through your home assistants.

The list above is one of the most pressing concerns that homeowners have in mind while selecting a window covering for their large windows. This list, however, is in no way an exhaustive one and the specific requirements of each home will be different.
Living Room with Sheer Drapery

5 Blinds and Shades Designed for Large Living Room Windows

While there are numerous ways you can go about it, some window treatment solutions combine a lot of the features that are suitable for large living room windows.

Panel Track Blinds: Panel track blinds are perfect for wide windows, especially those which stretch from wall-to-wall. These blinds come in multiple panels which stack upon one another when open and run-on tracks suspended from the ceiling or floor, to cover the wide windows. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, these blinds come with a neat look and don’t take up any floor space. They are also extremely easy to operate, making them one of the most suitable blinds for large living room windows.
Sliding Panel Blinds for Sliding Door
Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds are also extremely suitable for large windows. As the slats run on tracks, these blinds can be customized to fit any sized window and are super easy to use. The slats run vertically and can be opened and closed to allow as much light as you require. When the slats are open, you can still enjoy the view outside. The slats can be twisted to position them in a way that cuts of the view from outside and guides the sunlight away from any particular area of the room, be it furniture or the television screen. This flexibility allows you to enjoy superior control over light and privacy. No wonder so many people choose these blinds for their large-sized windows.
Fabric Vertical Blinds
Roller Shades: Roller shades can also be used to cover up large-sized windows. A different variation of roller shades, like solar shades and blackout shades, can be used to include some added functionality into the window covering. Solar shades can block much of the UV rays that fall on them, keeping your interiors safe from UV damage. With solar shades, you also get to enjoy the view, while the room gets filled with a muted glow of light.
Graber Dual Roller Shades
Zebra Blinds: For greater flexibility, go for zebra blinds. These blinds offer you the flexibility of having alternating stripes of sheer and solid vanes, which can be positioned to achieve darkening with privacy when required. With this unique feature, you get the flexibility of light control, privacy, and insulation, all in one blind.
Zebra Sheer Shades
Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are very light and excellent insulators. If you wish for something simple, yet stylish for your large living room windows, cellular shades are a great choice. Make from pocket-like structures, these blinds can trap air and turn the whole blind into an insulating structure. This insulating layer saves a huge among of energy. Depending on your requirements, you will be able to select from a wide range of light filtering material.

Give your large living room windows a smart finished look with these blinds and enjoy superior insulation and light-filtering benefits.

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