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5 Blinds That Are Insect Resistant

5 Blinds That Are Insect Resistant

Say No to Insects: Shield Your Windows Now!

Insects and bugs? What are they good for? Well, the clear answer is they are good for nothing at least where your home is concerned. Most people are frightened of bugs and while others find them irritating and a nuisance and don’t want them to belong in the home. From flying bees to annoying mosquitoes, they create an irritating and unhygienic living space. They can even be a major contributor toward allergies and asthma attacks, especially in kids. As the temperature continues to drop, insects start looking for a warm shelter, which tends to be your house. And the worst thing is that they can reproduce quickly and after a certain period of time, you will find them at every corner of your house. Imagine, you are sitting on your favorite comfy couch, relaxing or listening to some cool music, and suddenly you feel the bite of a bug. Sounds nasty, right? Don’t let those creepy insects feel at home, take the right precautions, and take steps towards making your home bug-proof now.

With more than a million bugs in the world, making your home insect-resistant can be really challenging and painful for many homeowners. But not anymore, thanks to innovation and technology. There are multiple ways to keep those harmful bugs and insects out of your home. Always start with sealing your windows and doors as they are the main way of allowing them in. Just as a locked door can keep strangers out, a properly sealed door can keep the insects out. If you are not sure how to seal windows in order to make home insect resistant, then this article will definitely help you out.

Before you start looking for tiny gaps around the edges of the window frame, consider covering them with proper blinds and shades. In the window fashion market, there are plenty of choices available that are designed to prevent bugs from coming inside. Remember, garage and basement windows/doors should be your first priority as there you will find plenty of bugs hiding. If you own sliding glass doors and French doors, don’t forget to shield them as well. Covering them not only protects your interior from bugs or flying insects but also blocks out the excess light and heat while maintaining an indoor privacy level. Check out the top window screens that will work best in this situation.

Top 5 Insect Repellent Window Coverings

  • Cellular Shades:

We all know that these shades are well-known for their insulating properties, as the honeycomb structured cell pockets create a barrier between the window glass and indoor. These air pockets also help in trapping bugs and insects, stopping them from entering your room. You can choose vertical cellular shades if you have large windows or patio doors. You may think that removing those creepy-crawlies from the pockets can be difficult, but using a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner or suction pipe can easily remove them and protect the shade from damage.

Cellular Shades for Transom Windows

  • Natural Shades and Blinds:

If you are someone who wishes to add a natural touch and elegance to the decor aesthetics, then natural blinds and shades are a great choice. Made of natural elements like jute, grass, bamboo, and wood make them eco-friendly and extremely safe to use. To keep insects from crawling under/side of the window/door, consider mounting them outside of the window frame.
Natural Window Shades

  • Solar Shades:

Another insect-resistant window covering which is incredible and practical in offering aesthetical and functional values is solar shades. The shades are made of polyester/fiberglass or synthetic which are not preferred by insects and they stay away from these materials. If you have an outdoor or porch area, these bug-proof window designs work the best.

Solar Shades for High Ceiling Windows

  • Faux Wood Blinds:

Bugs and insects tend to grow more in high humidity areas. In your entire home arena, humid areas include the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. So make sure to seal the windows with the right solution that will stop all the insects from entering your space. Try out faux wood blinds in these areas, besides being bug resistant, the blinds are water and moisture resistant too.

Faux Wood Blinds for Large Windows

  • Skylight Blinds:

Flying insects can be terrible and can enter your space through your rooftop windows. Cover these windows with skylight window coverings for additional protection. Keeping these blinds close will block out the direct daylight and glare while making your indoors more insulated.
Skylight Cellular Blind

Bug Proofing Your Windows

There are many window dressings available that can be mounted to prevent insects and bugs from entering your space. But that’s not the end, even after a proper mounting, you may find little cracks or gaps around your doors and windows. You should inspect all the holes and damages, and clean the area properly. Otherwise, you can add weather-stripping to the windows or install a door sweep. And also make sure to check the pipes, vents, and other leakages from where bugs can enter through. Besides mounting window coverings, follow all these tips and tricks to ensure an insect-free home.

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