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5 Blinds That Will Completely Block Out Light

5 Blinds That Will Completely Block Out Light

Sunlight is essential for our survival, and a daily dose of it is what we need to keep ourselves lively, fit and healthy. While we all like to bask in the glory of the morning sun and hit the beach whenever the clouds clear from the skies, we often do not know about the detrimental effects of it. That’s right: the excess of anything good can pose difficult problems. Excessive exposure to the sun, besides making you extremely uncomfortable, might result in so many skin-related ailments, sunburns, stroke and diseases that you’re at times better off in an enclosed room. In our houses, thus, we need window treatments that can protect us from the sun when the need arises. While we do invest in window coverings with different patterns and colors to entice our guests and make them gush over our taste, comfort must be our utmost priority. And when you have prime window coverings brought to you by exceptional brands like Graber, Crown and Hunter Douglas, you can get the best of both the worlds. That is, get light blocking and comfy window shades that are eyesight to behold!

Window Treatments for Sun Protection

In this section, therefore, we discuss the five window shades that you can get for sun protection, especially if you are a homeowner who is shopping for the first time and don’t know where to look. This will give you a fair idea about which ones to go for.

1. Blackout Roller Shades:

Roller shades, or solar shades as they are better called, are unique window shades that are built for summers, especially in homes that do not have any respite from the sun. These can be useful for west-facing windows in humid and dry regions. With their special UV-resistant fabric, these shades are long-lasting and durable and protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays that threaten to damage the furniture, paintings, and walls that may come in their direct contact. While the light filtering solar shades can reduce the heat and glare during summers, they still allow you to have a reasonably good outdoor view (depending on the openness percentage). What we recommend, however, for complete light blockage are blackout roller shades. Their simplistic yet classy design will add a fabulous decor element to your room while protecting you when the temperatures soar. Get those from Crown and Graber for the best results.

2. Wooden Shutters:

Plantation shutters are one of the best window treatments that you can ask for during any season, as they come in handy for a wide number of reasons. Their alternating slats provide a good amount of sunlight to come in and light up your room, but they can also be adjusted at different angles to let in only as much sunlight as you need. If you want a complete blackout effect, close them all the way. This makes them effective insulators too, thereby reducing not just your air conditioning costs but also allowing retaining of warm air indoors during winters. Besides, their wooden furnish and the textured look is a treat for the eyes, lending an aura of sophistication, luxury and fusion of traditional and modern home decor.
Wooden Shutters

3. Room Darkening/Blackout Curtains:

Drapery boasts of such wide variety in colors, materials, designs and rod pocket styles that you are bound to get confused with the multiple great options on offer. If blocking out light is your purpose, then we recommend those made in materials tightly woven to not let any light or heat to pass through. We also recommend installing the rod and hanging the curtains in a way that doesn’t allow light to seep in from the sides or from the top. Once you have gotten that aspect taken care of, you can experiment in different prints and patterns. Intricately designed floral prints are the norm, but you can also go for a color-blocked, striped or geometric patterns for unconventional interior decor.
Room Darkening Curtains

4. Double-Cell Honeycomb Shades:

Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades as they are often known, are time-tested window coverings boasting of cell pockets between them and a textured design that can look good in any interior. Besides their sleek and minimal appearance, they are also excellent blockers of light and heat, when they employ more than one sheet of fabric in their construction. Their cell pockets trap heat and light between them, besides lending you the privacy that you desire at all times during the day. Getting cellular shades allows you to adjust your light and privacy settings too, and this is evident in their day-night cellular shades design.
Double Cellular Shades

5. Roman Shades:

The advantage of Roman shades lies in their variety of designs. There are many types from solid and plain folds to knife pleat and London styles. The advantage they boast is that they form neat folds when they are drawn up, hence making a style statement even when they are not protecting you from the sun. No wonder they are one of the most coveted shades for design purposes as well as for protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun.

Final note: When protection from the sun and its affecting glare is your primary requirement, you can choose from among various window treatments such as room darkening curtains, wooden shutters, Roman shades, cellular blinds and blackout roller shades. Each of them is unique in its appearance and comes in various designs and colors to suit your needs. Many brands such as Graber and Crown customize them according to different window sizes and mounting procedures.

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