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5 Blinds that You Should Definitely Go Cordless for

5 Blinds That You Should Definitely Go Cordless For

Why You Should Consider Blinds for Dressing up your Windows

When it comes to window treatments, blinds are probably the most widely used options for adorning the windows and doors in the households and for good reason. Barren windows don’t do so well as far as heat insulation and light control are concerned. This can become an issue especially during the summers and the winters.

During the summers, the scorching heat of the Sun, the glare, and the UV exposure caused by the sunlight entering your house through the windows can make the environment inside the house very uncomfortable. UV exposure can also damage the furniture and drapery inside your house and thereby decreasing their longevity and increasing the cost of keeping the interiors looking flawless. Bare glass windows fare poorly when it comes to insulating the interiors from the outside heat and neither can they prevent glare and UV exposure.

Your air conditioner will have to overwork to compensate for the heat gain, resulting in higher power bills. Window coverings such as blinds can prevent heat gain and also provide you excellent light control to ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the house. Hence, blinds can really come in handy during the summers while you can also save money through lower energy consumption.

During the winters the issue of the glare is even more prominent due to slanting rays of the Sun. Besides, the glass windows are unable to prevent the heat inside the house from escaping out during the winter chill. This again results in higher energy bills as your thermostat has to compensate for the heat loss. Proper window dressings can help get rid of this issue. The same blinds which protect you from the extreme heat during the summers also prevent the heat loss during the winters to keep the interiors of the house warm and cozy. This also helps in increasing the efficiency of the thermostat and it reflects in lower power bills.
So, it is quite clear that blinds and other window treatments provide many unique advantages and perks that make them an absolutely essential and valuable investment. While their practical advantages such as heat insulation and light control make a lot of sense, blinds are no slouches when it comes to the looks either. Blinds can beautifully accentuate the windows and also enhance the appeal of the home décor.

Why You Should Opt for Cordless Blinds

Blinds are normally operated using a pull cord mechanism. While this mechanism is pretty simple and easy to use, there are some downsides too. The pull cord normally hangs loose and if you have kids or pets in the house, it can increase the safety risk. The kids or pets out of curiosity or playful enthusiasm may tug on the pull cord. This can damage the blinds if the pull cord is tugged at with too much force. Moreover, doing so also increases the risk of the blinds falling down, and the children or the pets may get hurt in the process.
Cordless blinds help reduce such safety risks and also make it a lot easier and convenient to operate the blinds. Cordless blinds are motorized and can be operated using a remote or can be controlled even by your smartphone. With the deep integration of AI, these window coverings are only getting smarter by the day.

5 Blinds that You Should Definitely Go Cordless for

It is possible to retro-fit all kinds of blinds to make them cordless and there are cordless variants of all types of window treatments available in the market. However, if you have to narrow your choice down and earmark a handful of options which you must go cordless for, the answer to this question depends to a large extent on your individual situation and some practical considerations. Let us look at some of the options in blinds which are definitely better off as cordless variants:

1. Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are best suited for dressing up big windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors, etc. If you opt for a corded mechanism to open and close the blinds, it may not be as convenient. Besides, the cordless variant will look neat thanks to no thread or string hanging loose. This will enhance the appeal of the overall décor.
Vertical Door Blinds
2. Blinds for skylights: If you are getting blinds for the skylights or other similar hard-to-reach windows in your house, you should definitely opt for cordless blinds. It is hard to reach the pull cord to operate the blinds every time you feel the need to adjust them since they are so high up. Cordless blinds can easily be controlled via a remote or your smartphone and that makes a lot of sense for hard-to-reach windows.
Remote Control Skylight Shades
3. Horizontal blinds: Horizontal blinds are probably the most common types of blinds in use across households. Hence, making them cordless makes a lot of sense especially if you have children or pets in the house. Cordless mechanism is much more secure and helps keep the blinds beyond their reach.
Horizontal Sheer Shades
4. Roman blinds: Roman blinds are versatile and find themselves suitable for most types of window designs. This makes them a safe option in case you aren’t sure as to which window treatments will be best for you. From skylights to regular windows in the house, Roman shades never look out of place when it comes to dressing them up. Making them cordless will only enhance their aesthetic and pragmatic value.
Flat Roman Shades
5. Wooden blinds: Wooden blinds have always been in style, mainly due to the easy customizability that wooden blinds offer and their effortless natural look. The grainy texture of the wood makes them look majestic while the use of wood as the material makes the wooden blinds an excellent choice to reduce heat gain during summers and heat loss during the winters. Cordless wooden blinds are like icing on the cake. The cordless mechanism not only makes the operability of the blinds extremely easy but also imparts a neat and tidy appeal to the décor.
Motorized Wooden Blinds
These options are some of the most widely used window treatments in both households and office spaces. Opting for cordless variants only makes them much more effective, decorative, and easy to use. With so many distinct advantages, cordless blinds make for an investment that is every bit logical and they provide better value for your money.

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