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5 Circular Venetian Blinds for Your Specialty Shaped Windows

5Circular Venetian Blinds For Your Specialty Shaped Windows

Circular Venetian Blinds for Added Elegance and Sophistication

Windows are the eyes of our home; it’s no wonder that window treatments are an essential element of the overall aesthetics. All our lives we have been familiarized with square and rectangular so much so that we can’t think beyond them when it comes to the transformation of windows. The truth is there are different specialty shaped windows that are as popular and make a gorgeous addition to your living space. However, while it’s easy to embellish regular or square windows with plenty of blinds and shades but what happens when you owe odd-shaped circular windows? There is no secret that circular windows add dimension to your place, inviting warmth and elegance. They were designed to make a statement for your architecture. For many homeowners, these uniquely shaped windows can be intimidating to cover but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you are looking for.

If you want your circular window to retain its visual impact while getting some functional values, then picking up the right blind is important. Endless options available in the market to complement your windows in a dramatic way. Wondering where to start from to cover your shaped windows? Well, if you are looking to add a decorative touch to the windows with ultimate flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control, then you can consider venetian blinds for once. We can assure you that you won’t regret with this choice. Their integrity and uniqueness make them a popular choice to dress up your specialty shaped windows.

Circle windows (also popular as porthole windows) are often found at the top of gables or in alcoves. They add drama and elegant touch to your overall aesthetics. They do present unique challenges while covering them but venetian blinds will solve all your problems. By providing various benefits and being practical and versatile, these blinds will do an excellent job for your arena. Before you decide to get these blinds home, take a look at different circular venetian window dressings that are manufactured to fit your unique situation!

Top 5 Circular Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made from aluminum, wood, or plastic material and designed with horizontal slats. The slats can be tilted up or down in order to maintain a smooth functionality while offering space with multiple benefits. The main attraction of considering these blinds for circular windows is their affordability and incredible durability. Check out the top venetian blinds that are designed to embellish the beauty of your circular windows.

  • 1-inch Aluminum Cordless Mini Blinds:

Aluminum cordless mini blinds are a great option for covering specialty shaped windows. Made of 1-inch horizontal slats, these mini blinds ensure a great amount of privacy for your space. These privacy blinds also block the maximum light filtration for your indoor. The blinds are resistant to fire and water, and they do not stain, scratch or sag at any condition. Cordless mechanism assures a safe and secure control and protection for your family members. Because of the versatility, these mini blinds are one of the favorite options for shaped windows.
1 Inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

  • 2 1/2 Inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

These 2 ½” faux wood blinds from Lake Forest Graber are a luxurious selection of covering for your circular windows. They are affordable and durable. They are great to look at and can add a touch of grace to your specialty shaped windows. They are just the coverings you were looking for, for your beautiful windows. They are stylish and available in a range of colors to match the color scheme of the room.

  • 2 Inches Aluminum Grandeur Graber Blinds:

If you want to give your specialty shaped windows a striking look while adding a decorative touch, then these 2 inches Aluminum Graber Blinds are an excellent choice to go for. They add depth and dimension to your overall space while giving the décor a magnificent makeover. The 2 inches slats ensure soft diffused light streams through the windows when they are in the open position and keeping them close will offer superior light blocking feature along with ultimate privacy. These blinds are highly effective when it comes to insulation. The blinds come with decorative cloth tapes and the deluxe channel panel valance that offer the windows a chic and a sophisticated look. Customize the blinds from a variety of designs and texture choices that will highlight your shaped windows in a dramatic way.
2-inch Aluminum Blinds

  • ½ Inch Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber Blinds:

If you are looking for a robust and sturdy solution for your specialty shaped windows, then these Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber Blinds are a great choice. The blinds are available in number of colors and style options that gives windows an elegant astonishing look. From controlling the extreme sunlight to providing privacy, these blinds make a remarkable choice for your interior.

  • 2-Inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown
    Also known as false wood blinds, faux wood blinds offer the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Even still, faux wood blinds are much more durable than that of the real wood blinds. They are extremely strong and can withstand any extreme climatic conditions, being especially good for rooms with high moisture. These window treatments are beautiful and totally reliable. They are light and also easy to install. They make a great choice of window covering for circular windows. The cordless feature makes them a popular choice for homes with pets and toddlers.

Why Venetian Blinds?

Specialty shaped windows can create a fashion statement for your home, giving your space a stylish touch, making some homeowners to treat them as a focal point. And Venetian blinds are a great choice to dress them up. But there are plenty number of solutions available in the market then why Venetian blinds? Well, these blinds are custom-made and can be made in nearly any shape. And you can cut them as per your window requirements that will help them to fit the windows accurately. Their endless availability in colors, textures, and design options help to style up your décor in an amazing way that too without spending a fortune. In terms of functionality, these blinds are incredible and offer you ultimate comfort. Motorized control is recommended as it will make the operation of your Venetian Blinds easy and hassle-free.

Give your unique shaped windows a special look with these practical and operable Venetian window blinds. Reach out to the professionals if you face any difficulty while customizing or installing them.

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