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5 Commercial Shades Perfect For Restaurants

5 Commercial Shades Perfect For Restaurants

Why Restaurants Need Window Treatments

Like our homes, commercial spaces too need effective window treatment to aid their business and for the comfort of their clients and customers. The need for window covering is the same everywhere. Just like we need window treatment for comfortable living inside the house, businesses, restaurants, and hospitals too need window shades and blinds to create a soothing and enjoyable ambiance within their space. The pressing need is to block out sun and heat, filter natural light, preserve privacy and offer good insulation from the cold for the winter months.

Dining establishments, eateries and restaurants need window coverings that provide convenience and comfort to both their employees and to the diners and also contribute aesthetic interest and appeal to the windows and the existing decor.

Reducing the glare inside the restaurant is extremely important. Most customers prefer to sit next to the windows because of the view. But if the windows are not well covered, the glaring rays of the sun could mar the experience of the customer. It will cause irritation to the eyes and he will not enjoy the food or the company.

Preserving the restaurant’s view is also a major consideration for restaurant owners. Most restaurants come with a beautiful view of the outdoors to make the customers dine out experience a pleasant and memorable one. And most diners prefer to sit close to the windows to get the view. If your window coverings block the view out, it will defeat the entire objective of having and presenting a good view to the customers. Window treatment must be able to preserve the view.

Window treatments must effectively help block out the harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause health concerns and also damage furniture and other interior decors. It cost owners heavily if they have to replace items every few years because of exposure to UV rays.

Adding aesthetic interest and value to the windows and surroundings also weighs heavily on the minds of the owners. You need window coverings that will also allow customized graphic printing to blend with the theme of the restaurant. Window treatments are as much a decor item like all other furnishings and decorative pieces in the restaurant.

Window Treatments for Restaurants: Popular Choice

With all these considerations to bear in mind, the job of the restaurateur is really cut out. He needs the best and nothing less than that.

Solar Shades

The pair of shades that fit the description perfectly is solar shades. They are a preferred window treatment in restaurants and dining establishments. They help to create a pleasant atmosphere for diners, offer functionality and also can be customized to suit the decor. Solar shades come with different levels of openness depending upon your need for light, privacy and view. Solar shades also allow custom graphics printing. Lower the openness greater is the light control. They are the best when it comes to:

• Reducing glare
• Preserving the view
• Protecting interiors from UV rays
• Creating a comfortable and amicable ambiance within
Custom Solar Shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shades remains a popular choice of window treatment among restaurant owners because of their elegance, understated gorgeousness and streamlined simplicity. Made of fabric Roman Shades make a great choice for restaurants with both traditional and modern decor styles. You can choose from a vast range of fabrics, colors, designs, texture and patterns to meet the requirements. Roman shades help to add a soft glow and warmth to the surroundings. To keep heat out and block UV rays you could use liners. Flat Roman shades work superbly with minimalist decor style.
Roman Shades for Restaurants

Roller Shades

These are often regarded as the height of minimalist styling. They come in a range of colors and designs. They offer a neat, uncluttered and streamlined appearance to the windows. They are devoid of frills and excesses and look smart and alluring. For better light control, UV protection and view restaurants could also opt for Dual Roller Shades. These shades come with a sheer zebra shade in the front and a blackout roller shade at the back.


Shutters weave magic into any dining space when you get the color and material right. Wood shutters ooze elegance and beauty and can uplift any decor instantly. Shutters have an appeal that is unparalleled and also extremely functional. The louvers can be adjusted for light control, privacy and for retaining the view of the outside. They do an admirable job of blocking heat and UV rays. Doesn’t matter which decor style you have opted in your restaurant. Shutters can do magic anywhere.
Shutters for Commercial

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are also extremely beneficial for coffee shops, bistros and restaurants. They are impressive to look at and can upgrade the dining experience of customers. Cellular honeycombs shades are particularly a great choice for areas and regions that experience extremely cold and harsh winters. Cellular shades enjoy a reputation for being the best insulating window treatments. You can choose from double and triple cell shades depending upon your need for insulation. They are available in light filtering and blackout fabrics also. They are perfect for your skylight windows if you have any. Available in motorized and cordless versions they are also extremely child-friendly.

Solar shades remain your best choice of window covering for your dining space. They have all the features integrated into one extremely versatile and functional window shade. However, the others are equally gorgeous and do a wonderful job of upgrading the look and feel of the restaurant while contributing to the comfort and convenience of employees and the diners.

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