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5 Common Honeycomb Blind Issues that You Can Repair at Home

5 Common Honeycomb Blind Issues That-You Can Repair At Home

Cellular Shade Maintenance

Cellular honeycomb are among the most versatile and popular window treatment solutions in the market. They are known for their brilliant insulating qualities and have curved out a niche for themselves as one of the most energy-efficient window coverings. They are a fantastic choice for homes in cold regions. Even in hot summer, they do a great job of blocking out heat and the harmful UV rays. An amazing choice as they are, honeycomb blinds encounter occasional glitches and hiccups that interfere with their functionality. There can be a number of issues that can impact the smoothing operation of your honeycomb blinds. It is important to be able to identify these issues and also get them fixed. Repair job does not always call for professional intervention. Some of them can be taken care of at home which will help save you money.
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Problems & Resolutions

Today we will help you to identify with some of these problems and offer easy resolution tips for the same.

The shade won’t stay up when locked in place
This is a very commonly encountered problem with blinds. When the blinds are raised they refuse to stay up. This can be extremely frustrating. This happens due to a crushed lift cord or failed cord lock. You need to first determine whether the issue lies with the cord lock or with lift cord. To do this we recommend lifting your blinds a few inches and trying locking it in place. If they blinds get locked then the problem lies with your cord and if it doesn’t then the problem is with the locking mechanism.

The cord tends to get crushed if they are locked in the same position each day. It is advisable to either lock the cords in a different position or you may need to get all the cords changed.
If your blinds refuse to lock properly, then the lock will have to be replaced. For this, you have to remove the shades from the windows and check the type of lock with those on the manufacturer’s website. Order fresh locks and replace the old worn-out ones.

Shade lowers and raises unevenly
This is another very common problem with blinds. The shades lower or raise unevenly and when fully raised the bottom rail appears uneven. There could be several factors behind this malfunctioning of the blinds. You need to check the cord loop or chain loop for any wear, tear, and breakage. Get the loop replaced if needed.

Apart from the loop there are lift strings that run behind or inside the shade fabric. These strings help to draw the shades up. Check if the lift strings are tangled or broken. If yes, the strings may need to be replaced.
Sometimes shades may lift unevenly if they are bigger than the window opening. This holds true for inside mount shades. For inside mount, shades have to be a size smaller to be able to fit into the opening and allow for some clearance between the window casement and shade.

Improper installation of tension devices can also cause shades to lower and raise unevenly. Ensure that they are installed as per the guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer.

Shades can’t be lowered
There are times when you find your shades refusing to go down completely. This can be equally frustrating and annoying. This can happen if the strings are too short which does not allow the shades to be lowered completely. The only solution is the replacement of the cords. There is no other way to extend the string size. Sometimes the string may get twisted up inside which inhibits smooth operation of the blinds. Replace all the lifting cords for best results.

Cord loop breaking frequently
Your cord loop may be experiencing frequent breakages and you are getting tired of this repeated botheration. The inside of your bottom rails have weights that you need to remove to prolong the life of your cord loops. Also, check that the tension device that you are using isn’t too tight to ensure that the cord loop functions smoothly. If the cord loop still continues to break you need to check the clutch for wear and tear signs. There are sharp edges at times that cuts the cord loops causing them to break.

Shades are hitting some obstacles
When lowering or raising your blinds you find that they seem to hit the trim, a window handle or some obstacle along its path. This will affect the smooth operation of the blinds and over a period of time could also cause the blinds to break down or experience tears. To correct this you will have to mount the shades away from the point of friction or the surface that is being rubbed or hit. To provide additional clearance to your shades you may have to install some extension brackets or plastic bracket spacers. If you find the shades hitting a window crank then you need to replace the window crank with some smaller T-handle window crank.

These are few of the several common problems that trouble users over the period of time. Most of these can be addressed from your home with a little diligence, patience and lot of caution so as not to damage the shades. However if after few attempts you still find that the blinds continue to face issues it is preferable that you get in touch with the manufacturer for professional assistance. Blinds and shades are delicate and repeated attempts to correct them could damage them beyond repair. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused by following DIY methods.

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