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5 Common Types of Shutters for The Modern Home


Are you a fan of shutters? If you are, then you are a part of the ever-growing club that not only adores shutters in their traditional form but also fuelling the demand for more innovative renditions. There is no doubt about the sustained popularity of shutters.

Shutters come with some unique benefits, all wrapped in one neat package, which has been instrumental in placing shutters on top of many homeowners’ wish-list. Shutters come with a unique look that adds character and charm to any décor style, be it modern or classic. However, the appeal of shutters is not limited to looks alone. Shutters are all-rounders that come with numerous benefits. Let’s have a look!

Benefits of Shutters

Light Control: The biggest benefit of shutters is the ease with which they control the light flowing into your space. Light can have a huge impact on your comfort and peace. Natural light is vital for our health, although a lot of it can cause a lot of harm. Sunlight comes loaded with UV rays that are extremely injurious to health. Shutters can create that perfect blend of exposure and shielding that any home requires.

The hard material of shutters acts as an effective barrier against the harsh rays of the sun. When closed, very little light can seep through the material. The closer fit to the frame also ensures that the room can achieve the near-darkness effect when the shutter is closed. The slats can be cleverly used to let in as much light as you require. When you need a lot of light, just open the shutters to enjoy the freshness that bright sunshine brings.


Insulation is another aspect that benefits from shutters. The thick material of shutters is very effective in keeping the heat in and preventing the chill from entering. As the shutters leave a very little gap with the frame, there remains a very little gap for heat to get in or out. Even when you have the slats open, the frame still provides partial insulation.


We all need privacy. Yet with roller blinds and curtains, privacy requires a compromise on the view, ventilation, and light. With shutters, you can get around this problem in a stylish way. The thick slats would give you enough privacy, while you get to enjoy the view, bask in the warmth of natural light, and feel the fresh breeze rush through your interiors.

Noise Control: Noise is one of the most disruptive elements of modern life. As roads and neighborhoods become busy, the routine noise levels rise to unbearable levels. The shutter can cut down noise exposure to a large extent. When the slats are open, the shutters still provide partial protection against sound. As the noise level picks up, you can close the slats to enjoy the peace and comfort of your home.

5 Common Types of Shutters for the Modern Home

Shutters can be incorporated to add glamour and sophistication to any décor style. However, modern homes also demand a seamless blend of flexibility, functionality, as well as aesthetic value, in their furnishings. Fortunately, there are many different types of shutters available in the market, which are perfectly poised to take on this challenge. Let’s have a look!

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-Tier shutters come in two or three sections, each of which can be operated separately. This feature can be very useful in modern city homes, which overlook busy streets or another household. Just open the topmost shutter to let in as much light as you wish, while the lowermost shutters keep the privacy intact. When you need the blackout effect, close all the shutters to create a night-like effect. These shutters go beautifully with a minimalistic décor, creating a perfect blend of functionality and style.
Tier on Tier Shutter
Plantation Shutters

Modern lifestyle also leaves very little time for cleaning and maintenance. Plantation shutters are perfect for this purpose. Along with providing all the usual benefits that come with shutters, plantation shutters are also very easy to maintain. Moreover, these shutters look great in any color, something that any modern home would require.
Sliding Door Plantation Shutters
Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters would add a unique effect to your modern home. These shutters are suitable for large windows or patio doors that cover large areas of the wall. As these shutters run on tracks, they are extremely easy to operate and provide all-around protection against light, wind, sound, and heat loss. These shutters can also be used to divide a room into two neat portions, which can be easily reverted to its original shape when you open the shutters. This can be a useful addition to any modern home where space is tight.

Café Style Shutters

Cate-style shutters are a stylish rendition of these gorgeous window treatment solutions. These cover only the bottom half of the window, while the upper half remains open. These shutters can give any room a unique look, creating a perfect blend of privacy and light. These windows can be the perfect option for homes that need loads of light.

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are an unusual choice for indoor décor. However, if you select a solid shutter in tier-on-tier format, you will be able to craft a unique look for your room. The biggest benefit of a solid shutter is light control, which is closely followed by insulation. If you are looking to cover your media room window, solid shutters would be an ideal choice. The thick material would block the light, creating a night-like effect even during the day. The thick material would also block out noise and other weather elements, giving you all the peace and quiet you need.

Harness the full potential of these versatile and multi-functional shutters to give your home a new look.

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