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Putting new decor at home.

Home decor is a life-long project. Depending on your personality and style, there are so many different approaches to it. You can create a really personalized space, avoiding the cookie-cutter look that populates many homes today. However, there are always going to be elements that will have to uniformly match with other homes, for example, you have to have certain rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. So how can you have your home stand out?

Getting furniture and window coverings can help you say something about your personality and style. Not everything has to be your typical Ikea put-together furniture, you can get them custom made and come in a different look than your usual pieces. Furthermore, you can add little knick-knacks that can fill in your spaces. Lastly, you can bring in technology and create a smart home to truly set your home apart.

Smart Power Blinds

Motorized blinds are battery-powered window treatments that can operate with remote control, voice control or with your smartphone. Smart technology handles the opening and closing of these treatments and furthermore, they allow you to handle multiple blinds at once. Not only can the smart technology give you a boost in convenience, but they also allow you to add new layers to the design of your home.

Motorized shades is an umbrella term that covers many different types of shades, from roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades and more. Each style of shade brings with it a different look and style, allowing you to mix and match with the rest of your home. If you like a lot of straight lines, then cellular and banded shades may be suited to you. If you like a minimal look, then we suggest roller shades as they have a very thin profile. If your style is more about grandeur and lavishness, then roman shades will bring that for you. All of these types of shades can work with voice command and have different power packages, including solar power which can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Furniture that Matches

So often, people get furniture or sets of furniture just because they need something to fill out the living room and a place to sit in. With couches, there are so many options now in how you want to set it up. You no longer need to get a traditional three-piece set up (although you can still very much do so) you can get sectional sofas or combo sets that include a bit of everything. It all depends on your space and style. If you have a large space but want to keep it open, then maybe all you need is a single couch. If you like hosting people and have a lot of viewing parties, then make sure that everyone has a spot to be comfortable.

Don’t forget about the elements that you can use to go with your couches. They add colours to your rooms the same as window coverings. Other items you can add to spice up your spaces are throw pillows, a rug or two, and centrepieces for your coffee and side tables. While these elements are often taken for granted, it is because you want them to be. They are add-ons that help you build your decor style that is meant to add flavour to your home decor.

Turn up the Heat with Electronics

Smart homes encompass more than just smart blinds, they include all sorts of other items. They can be as simple as smart lights that can function with times and remotes, or they can be something as sophisticated as a smart vacuum. Having them populate your home adds to its theme, but they aren’t meant to be the main course. Most of the time, they are supposed to be out of sight, but on the rare occasions they are used with guests, they can very much impress.

Smart technology can also add plenty of other benefits as well. They can help you keep your home safe (smart security), they can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency (smart thermostats) and they can help you gain a great deal of convenience. Many of these items have an included remote control and they work with voice assistants like Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa. So while most of these items aren’t calling attention to themselves, they can help around the house in many other ways.

Personal Trinkets

Each and every one of us has very different life experiences and different things that define us. Finding ways to add these into our home decor will not only add flavour but will really make your home defined by you. They can be framed photos of you and your loved ones, or even your pets. They can be sports trophies from you or your children. They can even be your credentials like your degrees, diplomas and certificates that you’ve earned in your life. Or maybe you have a large collection of items that you enjoy and would like to share with folks. Whatever these things are for you, having them around the home will add plenty of spice to the decor.

You can have these items sprinkled all around your home or you can dedicate a room or a spot in a room to them. A large display case or a mantle will make for the perfect place to hold your trinkets. Having this in place will help keep the rest of your home from becoming cluttered and can help you keep an organized mindset that you can use in many other aspects of your house.

Purposeful Rooms

The kitchen is for food preparation, the living room is for general uses, and the dining room is for eating. Sometimes, keeping the decor straightforward is the best approach. For example, you wouldn’t be placing the dining set up in your living room and you don’t want a sofa in the kitchen. Even if you want to be different and provocative, this approach really would not work as sometimes too much spice can ruin the dish.

Having the appropriate decor in the appropriate rooms is essential. Making good pizza does not mean just throwing any ingredient in there, they all have to match up well together to create a tasty flavour. Even if you are trying to avoid a cookie-cutter appearance, something that is way too far out just doesn’t work. Don’t forget, that your home’s decor is a lifelong project and you can adjust over time and work with some of the newer trends if need be. Sometimes, the spice that you actually need is the one that works best with everything.

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