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5 Cornice Valance Window Treatments That Will Transform Your Décor

5 Cornice Valance Window Treatments

Cornice Valance Window Treatments for a Unique Transformation

Valances and cornices are the top decoration (literally) of your windows, which provides endless benefits to your interior. These are considered to be the perfect accessories for your window treatments that add a luxurious touch to the overall home décor. Most of the valances are made of soft fabric material, and they add a decorative touch to the windows. There was a time when they were used in the Victorian architecture style, but their elegance makes them a popular choice to install in every interior style. Valances are used to hide the drapery hardware. Hang them alone or pair them with a window blind or curtain for a seamless look. From energy-efficiency to providing privacy, they are an all-rounder. These are available in a myriad of styles that will suit every window.

• Pleated Valances: Pleated skirts with tailored and crisp edges that create a classic style.
• Tabbed Valances: It requires a drapery pole and mounting them will add a flair to the windows while creating a structured and traditional appearance.
• Balloon Valances: When installed properly, they create an elegant and formal mood.
• Gathered Valances: Valances that are united with a rod pocket to create a soft and stunning look.

Valances are available in a fabric coat that can be fixed to the curtain rail using rod pockets or ring clips. There are many reasons to install these fabric-based valances. Endless colors and texture options help you to match your interior theme that will last for years. Create a classy look that will express your taste.

And cornices are another decorative element that are also installed on top of your window. Cornices are of two types – soft and hard. Softer cornices have a box-type structure that are covered in a fabric that hangs down. And hard cornices are not coated with fabric material as they are built of wood and faux-wood materials. They can be personalized from a variety of colors, textures, and pattern options to match your décor style.
Integrate these two with any blind or shade and enjoy timeless beauty.
Board Mounted Valances

Top 5 Cornice Valance Window Treatments

Both valances and cornices look astounding when customized with the right hue and texture. The exciting part of these two decorative elements is that their functionality is almost the same. The only difference is the price. Cornices are a little bit more expensive than the valances. Below are the top five valances and cornice that you can think of –

• 4½ Inch Symphony Graber Wood Cornices
These are an ideal solution for any décor style that will add a perfect touch of aura and grace. The wooden texture will bring a natural freshness throughout the space that too, in a stylish and sophisticated way. Hang them with wood blinds or shutters for a phenomenal makeover.
• 3 ½ Inch Craftsman Wood Valances
If you need to hide all your window architectural flaws, then consider mounting these amazing valances which work well with all type of window dressings. They are made of North American hardwood that ensures durability and longevity of the valances. Different color and design options help you to get your desired aesthetics. Install them to get a softly glowing natural look.
• 3 Inch Majestic Faux Wood Valances
A perfect accessory to provide the windows with a smooth finishing touch. They are the perfect replacement of wood valances and work well in high humidity areas. Long-lasting and come with various mounting hardware. Get these reasonable and stylish options to transform the windows instantly.
• 5 ½ Inch Regal Graber Wood Cornices
Want to have a distinctive look for your interior? Go for these latest valances introduced by Graber. Perfect addition for any size window. Available in different color options to choose from. Customize the, properly to get the uniformity of the windows.
• 3 1/2 Inch Legacy Wood Valance
After proper installation, these valances create visual interest to the windows. Highly sophisticated to add a flair inside your home.
Wood Valances
Depending on the window size and window treatment type, select the valance or cornice that will match your décor arena.

Reasons for Opting Valances and Cornices

• By drawing your eyes upwards, valances and cornices will help the windows look more prominent.
• Unique design styles easily blend with your existing décor style. Their endless availability in color and pattern choices that will offer the windows a smooth finishing touch. Make sure to customize properly that will add character to the windows.
• Hide the ugly window hardware or cords by installing these valances and cornices.


These unique decorative elements can be hanged alone, or paired with other window shades, revamping your windows in a simple and affordable way. Matching the valances and cornices with your favorite blind or curtain is like a cherry on top of the cake. Install them now to bring all the beauty of your home together.

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