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5 Cosy Window Coverings Sure To Stun Your Holiday Guests

5 Cozy Window Coverings Sure To Stun Your Holiday Guests

Replacing Window Coverings for Winter

With the holiday season around the corner, our hearts feel lighter, filled with joy and hope. The pandemic has rocked the very basis of our familiar world and there is a prayer in every home for a better and brighter tomorrow. With this hope, the festivities have kick-started in this part of the world and elsewhere. Despite the gloom and despair that has shrouded us, we want to be thankful for all that we have and make the most of the festive season that is almost here. Even if the celebrations are somewhat scaled-down this year, you may be having small gatherings of near and dear ones. And to entertain your guests you must spruce up your homes. Get those last-minute tasks done, hang the festive lights up, give your furniture a good polish if needed and those window treatments a good thorough cleaning, or perhaps even get them replaced if they look worn out and if you have the budget.
With winter already knocking on the door and as you are looking to entertain guests, you need window treatments that are high on aesthetics as well as functionality. The window coverings like blinds and shades that you select must be able to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance inside the house, fill it with warmth and elegance and at the same time create a stunning impact on the room. The color, texture and design of the coverings should be able to blend with the existing decor into a harmonious whole.

Best Cosy Window Coverings to Impress your Guests

So, what to choose for your homes? With so many window treatments being bombarded at you it is a challenging task to zero down one that will serve your purpose well. We are here to make your task easier.

Cellular Shades
The first name that crops up in any list of winter window treatments is cellular honeycomb shades. They make a fantastic choice of window treatment solution for your homes for these cold chilly months when the temperature falls below the freezing point outside. The biggest problem is warm air escaping through the windows. The cellular shades have cells shaped like honeycombed pockets that trap air and prevent them from escaping the house. They help create a buffer between the windows and the room and helps to keep the air warm and cozy inside even when the world outside turns white. Depending upon the harshness of the winter you can opt for double or triple cell shades which offer an enhanced level of insulation to the windows. Cellular shades are available in different variants like TDBU, blackout and light filtering and come with different lift mechanisms like cordless and motorized. There is a wide range of colors to choose from for your windows to help create an inviting space for your guests.
Cellular Window Shades
When it comes to elegance and regal appeal, draperies are literally unparalleled. Hung high from the ceiling, the yards of fabrics help to weave magic in the rooms. They are available in every possible color, texture, design and patterns that will suit any decor style. They add the much-needed drama and help to create a cheerful and homey ambiance for the people in the house. Apart from looking gorgeous, draperies can help to create a cozy environment by insulating the room. Thermal drapes do this work efficiently. They feature a layer of acrylic foam between the layers of fabrics to enhance the insulating properties of the windows. Drapes are also perfect as they offer brilliant coverage to the windows and allow no air to escape through the edges or the sides.
Drapes and Shades
Elegance, versatility, functionality and aesthetic value all rolled into one and you get shutters. They are absolute beauties and complement any look and decor style that you may have in your house. They are wood stained shutters and painted shutters and you can opt for the one that best suits your home. Plantation shutters do a good job of insulating the house as they make a snug fit on the window frame ensuring that there is no air leakage through the edges or side of the windows. Keeping the shutters closed will help to keep the warm air trapped inside. If you are looking for natural warmth and want to add a natural soft glow to your ambiance wood plantation shutters are the way to go. They will be a huge hit with your guests.
Wooden Plantation Shutters
Layered Window Treatments
The best way to create a cozy and warm ambiance for your guests is to opt for layered window treatments. This will ensure optimal insulation for your home while lending the best aesthetic value to your interiors. A combination of window coverings is the best possible solution for your home. You can combine plantation shutters with drapes, cellular shades with drapes, shutters with Roman shades, etc.
Go with any of these window treatments and watch the magic unfold in your house. These window coverings are sure to not only keep your guests warm cozy but also impress them enormously.

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