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5 Curtains Perfect For Your Baby Room

5 Curtains Perfect For Your Baby Room

A baby’s room needs not to be too fancy or extraordinarily furnished. Such a room is already full of warmth and happiness, thanks to the little one’s innocent laughter and sweet cries. Therefore, what minimalistic changes you can perform is to choose the best curtain for the room.

In this article, we’ll focus on 5 curtain styles perfect for your baby’s room. Let’s jump right in.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Curtains for Your Baby Room

Let’s run through some of the factors you should consider before choosing curtains for your baby room.

  • Safety

Safety is perhaps the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing curtains for a baby’s room. The little ones don’t know where to step and where to keep a safe distance from. Curtains that are too long can become dangerous for a baby’s walk in the room.

  • Ambiance

You should look for a curtain that matches the ambiance of the baby’s room. A baby’s room does with warm hues, floral themes, fairytale patterns, and happy vibes. Such a room should have curtains with appropriate tones. 

  • Colors

Warm and tender colors are yet another factor to consider when choosing a baby’s room curtains. The point to keep in mind is that the colors of the curtains should not hurt the eyes of the little one. On the other hand, gloomy tones can affect the mood of the baby to an extent.

  • Textures 

You need to take care of the fabric of the curtains for your baby’s room. It should be smooth and gentle to the baby’s skin. A rough or edgy fabric, jute strings, beads can hurt the tiny, tender hands as soon as the baby touches the curtain.

  • Surroundings

A baby room is full of baby essentials. Furniture, including trollies, beds, cabinets, and wardrobes, is different from what we see in an adult’s room. You need to choose the curtains that will match the specific baby furniture styles and placements.

  • Location 

Last but not the least, it is essential to consider the location of the baby’s room. If it is an airy and sunny room full of natural light, then the curtains should tone down the brightness a bit so that the baby’s eyes are safe from too much exposure. 

5 Curtains Perfect for Your Baby Room

  1. Themed Fabric Curtains

Themed fabric curtains are making all the buzz for the right reasons. When it comes to a baby’s room, you have a plethora of options available in the market. To get your toddler the vibe of fantasy land, you can choose fairytale or superhero-themed curtains.

For a more healthy and effective baby room curtain solution, you can choose green-themed curtains. Such pieces come in prints that mostly consist of jungle themes, full of grasses, tree-like patterns, and animals. These curtains come in soft fabrics and can match perfectly with the interiors of a baby room.

  1. Blinds

Blinds look posh, sleek, gorgeous, and yet simple and minimal. If your baby’s room is a cozy one, then blinds are the best option available. 

Such window blinds make the room look bigger. You can also prevent the exaggerated approach that long and lengthy curtains give to the room. The room doesn’t look excessively fancy and over-the-top. Blinds are quite easy to use, and you can also keep them away from the child’s reach.

  1. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are particularly an effective solution for babies that are below the age of a toddler. These little ones spend most of the hours sleeping. Moreover, their eyes are more tender and can hardly bear sunlight during the day. 

A blackout curtain is a piece of curtain that provides protection from harmful sun rays, including UV and other emissions. The design of the fabric is such that it can block the light emissions and make the room feel cooler and darker, making the whole ambiance baby-friendly.

  1. Motor-Operated Curtains

However, there is another even more convenient curtain solution for a baby room. These are the motor-operated window shades. In the world of electronics and automation, such a curtain solution is pure bliss for the ones with little babies at home.

As the name suggests, you can operate these curtains from a distance with a remote control system. It is wireless and protects your child from getting strangled. Such curtains can also regulate the temperature and light sources in the room.

  1. Stringless Shades

Stringless shades are especially essential for houses with toddlers that tend to roam around the window curtains. Often, strings hanging from the curtains can get in the way of the child’s walk and tangle with their feet, resulting in accidents.

Stringless window shades are simple window treatments that are different from conventional draperies or fabric curtains. These are more like the automated curtain solutions that have no cords hanging down from the corners.


In conclusion, we can say curtains can do wonders in a room makeover if you choose the appropriate ones. And when it comes to choosing curtains for your baby’s room, you can refer to the styles and types mentioned here.

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