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5 Curtains Perfect to Match Your White Walls

5 Curtains Perfect to Match Your White Walls

Walls are like the canvas on which you express your artistry through the décor that makes the house come alive. White walls look neat, minimalistic, and classy; akin to working with a blank canvas. This puts us in an advantageous position as you can decorate the house exactly the way you like. However, decorating the house is not easy and involves a lot of brainstorming, deliberating on what kind of décor will work for your place and several visits to stores selling home décor items.

From choosing the furniture, finalizing the motifs, and showpieces to deciding the color of the curtains you want for your house, it is a lot of work and can be very confusing and tedious. Curtains are an important part of the home décor as they not only adorn the windows but also form the focal point of the interiors. Hence, it is very important to get them right. If done right, the curtains certainly enhance the appeal of the décor and also fill out the room nicely.

Things to Consider Before Getting Curtains for Your House

When one sets out to get curtains for their house, they often begin with the choice of color depending on the color of the wall, the color scheme and vibe of the décor, and ultimately their preference in colors. While the color of the curtains plays a big part in the impact they have on the interiors of the house and impression they leave on the visitors, there are other considerations that you should deliberate upon before moving on to that aspect. Let us look at what these are:

• The practical aspect: You are getting the curtains to dress up the windows or the doors and hence, aspects related to the windows are important to keep in mind. Say, for instance, if the windows in your house receive more sun, you will probably be better off getting blackout or room-darkening curtains for your home. This will help keep the glare down while also reducing the heat gain. Similarly, if you want to allow more light inside the room to make it look more bright, lively, and open, sheer or semi-sheer curtains will be the right choice.
• Maintenance factor: Some people like to have longer curtains that touch the floor while there are others who like to keep it standard. If you’re game for the artistic appeal of longer curtains, you should be aware of the fact that curtains touching the floor means these are going to get dirty more easily and frequently. You may have to get them cleaned more often than not. This is especially true for white curtains or the ones in lighter shades. If you are comfortable with that, only then you should opt for longer curtains.
• Stylistic considerations: The effective you want the curtains to have on the overall décor of your house depends not just on the color but also the stylistic aspects of the curtains. In order to pick the ideal ones, you should know the kind of appeal you want the interiors of your house to have. If you are going for a vintage vibe, you should go for more classic designs. On the other hand, if you want your house to come across as a modern abode, you may like to jostle with contemporary cuts and patterns.

5 Curtains that are Perfect to Match Against Your White Walls

White walls look elegant and also make the room look spacious. Another advantage is that you can play with all kinds of colors for the décor as white walls mean you are working with a blank slate and you can fill in the colors or designs whichever way you like. However, being spoilt for options does not always make everything a breeze. It also gets you overwhelmed and confused. To lessen that confusion and to help you out with some great options, here are five curtain ideas that are ideal to match with white walls:

• White curtains: The idea of having white curtains on white walls may seem like a bad idea to you but contrary to that view, this combination works out really well. It serves up an example of the idea that less is more. If you like a minimalistic, elegant and simplistic take on home décor, white curtains are ideal for you. Besides, white curtains also make the room look brighter and more spacious. Every other piece of décor, be it the furniture, the lovely paintings, the beautiful showpieces that you have so painstakingly collected, they all appear more noticeable in a subtle white background. If you have wooden flooring, the lovely grainy texture of the floor contrast very well with the white walls.
White Semi Sheer Curtains
• White curtains with contrast border: If you want to keep the décor minimalist, yet want some subtle accents to pop out, you can consider white curtains with contrast borders. These provide a beautiful contrast which isn’t too overwhelming but still there complementing and heightening the effect of the elegant overalls. You can experiment with the choice of colors and patterns for the border. You can go for solid blocks as borders or can try prints and even the ones with delicate embroidery.
White Curtains with Contrast Border
• Blue curtains: Blue curtains always look great against white walls. The special thing about this color is the range of shades you can work with. You can try electric, teal, or indigo blue if you are not that into darker shades, or else if you want to add more pop to the décor, you can try darker shades like navy blue. The beautiful contrast does balance out the elegant simplicity of the white walls. You can also decide the shade according to other decorative elements you have in the room.
Blue Curtains for White Walls
• Burgundy curtains: If you want to add some warmth along with some contrast to the interiors, burgundy curtains are great. The white walls will provide the perfect background to elevate its appeal. Burgundy is a safe color in many ways. Its neither too flashy nor too subdued and provides the ideal amount of contrast to add perspective and depth to the interiors.
Burgundy Curtains for White Wall
• Grey curtains: If you are someone who prefers neutral colors, you can get grey curtains to match against your white walls. The effect is sublime and classy. You get good contrast without overdoing it. The décor appears subtle and in tune with the elegance and somber appeal of the white walls.

There are always more color options you can try and to do so is easier and simpler with curtains. You can easily replace them without any hassle. But it is not just the colors you can work with. You can also try different prints and designs to add an extra edge to the décor. The white walls will ensure that the colors and the patterns pop out and come alive, no matter which design you choose to dress up your windows with.

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