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5 Curtains or Window Treatments for Awkward Shaped Windows

5 Curtains For Awkward Shaped Windows

Windows and doors are an integral part of any house and people like to dress them up in unique ways. Regular window designs have been around for a long time and while it is good enough for a large number of people, there are others who want to experiment or have a liking for unique designs. This is the reason why the trend for uniquely designed windows and doors has been on the rise.

From playful shapes to fun architectural design choices, windows and doors are can be more than the usual rectangular or square shapes you normally see them in. Sometimes, their unusual shapes and location can pose a challenge when you decide to install window treatments on them. Skylights, angled windows, tall windows, sliding glass doors, etc. are some such examples of difficult to dress windows and doors. Hard to reach windows also pose a challenge in terms of operability and hence, one should take that into account when selecting the coverings for such windows.

Which Features are Important When Selecting Window Treatments for Awkwardly-Shaped Windows?

If you also have uniquely-shaped or hard-to-reach windows in your house, it will be a good idea to consider the features which will be necessary to ensure that the coverings you select for them are not just effective but also easy to operate. Let us look at the important features in greater detail:

• Heat insulation: If you have tall, angled, or uniquely shaped windows, it is important to find window treatments that cover them well. Otherwise, you may face the issue of heat gain through convection which may result in higher temperatures inside the house. This can get really uncomfortable during the summers. You should opt for treatment options that are good at blocking the heat especially if you have big windows or the windows in your house receive the sunlight for a longer duration.

• Light-control: Large windows or skylights allow more sunlight inside the house and for a longer duration. This can also lead to more glare. Window coverings that have better light-control capabilities always come in handy in reducing the glare. Besides, these also block the harmful UV radiation and protect you and the furniture inside your house from the damage caused by it.

• Easy operability: Window coverings for tall or difficult-to-reach windows are not easy to operate you rely on the regular pull cord mechanism. Instead, you should opt for motorization as this enables operability via a remote, smartphone, or even voice commands. That certainly sounds awesome and a lot easier.

• Aesthetics: You opt for uniquely-shaped windows to an aesthetic appeal that heightens the décor of the house. Hence, the window treatments you select for such windows should uphold that edge. There are many elegant, vibrant and decorous options available but you should go with the ones which go well with the interiors of your house.
Odd Shaped Window Shades

5 Curtains or Window Treatments for Awkward-Shaped Windows

Awkward-shaped or difficult-to-reach windows need more thought and effort to get the coverings that are a perfect match for them. To get you started, here are five curtains or other window treatments you can consider to dress up those fancy and cool windows in your house:

• Long curtains: If you have circular, arched, or tall windows, getting curtains that can fully cover them is a great idea. When open, these produce a good contrast with the shape of the window and when drawn, these look great too. You can opt for blackout curtains if the windows get too much sun throughout the day or if you have tall windows or patio doors. In terms of color choices, opt for colors that contrast against the wall near the window as it heightens the appeal of the interiors.
Curtains and Drapery for Arched Windows
• More than one curtain: If you have arched windows, using more than one curtain may be a good idea. The curtains should be of varying length, with shorter ones towards the center. A combination of four curtains, two of the same length on the sides, and two shorter ones (again the same length) in the middle will really help bring out the appeal of the arch at the top of the window.
• Shutters: Shutters are generally made up of wood and are highly customizable. This makes the ideal window treatment option for asymmetrical or oddly-shaped windows. You can get them customized to make them the perfect fit for such windows. You should get them motorized for ease of operability. You can opt for faux wood shutters if you are installing them in an area that is exposed to humidity as wood does not handle humidity that well.
Shutters for Triangle Windows
• Roman blinds: Roman blinds are elegant, minimalistic, and ideal for installing on windows which are installed in narrow areas or on hard-to-reach windows such as skylight windows. These are lightweight and easy to install. You should opt for motorized Roman blinds as using a pull cord to operate difficult-to-reach windows won’t be too practical.

• Wooden blinds: Wooden blinds thanks to their unique grainy texture fit in well in any type of décor and are highly customizable too. This makes them ideal for awkwardly-shaped windows. These look great too and are quite durable. So, you can be sure of getting accolades for your taste in home décor for many years without too much maintenance cost. These blinds are good at heat insulation and provide good light-control too. It is hence, safe to say that these are just as functional as these are pleasing to the eye.
Faux Wood Blinds for Arched Windows
These five window treatment options are great for uniquely-shaped windows and doors and will certainly help make the interiors of the house more comfortable by reducing the heat gain, glare, and by blocking the UV exposure. A pleasing atmosphere inside the house all around the year, while you sit near the big sliding door near the patio or are looking out through the artistic window, surely seems like an awesome proposition.

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