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5 Design Tips To Create The Feeling of Happiness and Wellness At Home

5 Design Tips To Create The Feeling of Happiness and Wellness At Home

The place attachment theory states that “the emotional bond between a place and a person”. Most of them get attached to their homes the same way they get bonded to friends, pets, and loved ones. However, what makes most of them fall in love with a living area? How can a house improve our quality of life, positivity, and mental well-being? Positive emotions such as happiness boost our mood and are the antidote to negative emotions and depression. Studies show that happy people have a longer life and are more healthy, successful, and productive. Having good mental as well as emotional health is valuable for everyone. A house that inspires happiness and well-being can be the best space for you to stay.

Design Tips To Create Happiness And Wellness At Home

  1. Experiment With Colors

The addition of a statement piece or colorful wall can transform the vibe of any space. While silky white textiles present a feeling of serenity and elegance to a bedroom, a daffodil shade of yellow might simply add the perfect amount of radiance to a living area. Selecting the correct color scheme can be tricky. So, consider experimenting with various combinations and shades to determine how they can impact the vibe of your room. Try experimenting with cool colors while creating a calm space. If you feel like having a soothing home or are working from home due to Covid-19, painting your rooms with vibrant colors is highly recommended. Shades of green, blue, and combinations of these colors are excellent.

A psychology study recommends that, while some colors bear a soothing effect, others present a flight-or-fight response. While choosing paint colors, you can remember these findings:

  • Blue associates with lesser anxiety scores and it has been recognized as soothing, tranquil, and cool by users.
  • Yellow promotes energy and creativity.
  • Green also encourages creativity.
  • Red is often associated with excitement or stress and might interfere with your critical thinking.

2. Include The Power of Plants

While looking forward to reviving from an exhausting week, people often rush to a hiking trail or their nearest botanical garden to engross themselves in nature. Why not think of bringing the restorative features of emerald escapes indoors? Plants offer a verdant touch to your design scheme while mitigating toxins from indoor spaces, thereby re-oxygenating your house. For those people with a not-so-green thumb, consider trying varieties like snake plants or parlor palms that need less maintenance for the highest serene effects at a low lift.

Here is how you can include the power greens in your decor:

  • Grow Spices and Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen: You can either hang them in beautiful containers or keep them along the windowsill. Basil and mint are particularly easy to care for.
  • Place small plants like cacti or succulents on your table. Ensure that the pots don’t leak.
  • Keep tall plants such as fiddle-leaf fig trees in a corner of your living area.
  • Incorporate decorative hanging plants such as philodendron that thrives throughout the year and simply requires to be watered only when the upper soil layer dries out.

3. Strokes of Natural Sunlight

Nothing can introduce clarity or emphasize the intricate details of a room design such as a stroke of natural sunlight. A naturally lit space increases productivity boosts mood and develops an overall tranquil environment more than an artificially lit atmosphere. For those dwelling in apartments with few to no windows, consider including reflective surfaces in the house. The amount of natural sunlight will instantly double up by letting in sunlight reflect off strategically placed lacquered pieces or large mirrors.

Making natural sunlight your main source of light during the daytime helps you in the following ways:

  • Lowers your energy bills.
  • Improves your sleep: Sunlight sends visual cues to the brain that controls your circadian rhythm. For instance, a study said that those with windows in their workplace slept for an average of 46mins more every night compared to those working with artificial lighting.
  • Eases Pain: Patients in hospitals with windows facing towards trees need lesser medications and tend to recover faster than those with windows facing walls.
  • Enhance Productivity: Daylight encourages alertness.

4. Use Of Natural Textures

It is human’s natural tendency to praise and get drawn to the magnificent beauty of nature. Though houseplant isn’t for all, pieces and textures made of natural materials radiate a similar amount of peace and deck the room’s overall theme. There are several ways of fostering a feeling of inner calm via earthy pieces such as the addition of a woven side table or authentic woodwork. Most of them tend to opt for soft materials that bring in a feeling of tranquility and coziness. Concealing hard floors using rugs and layering of textures to introduce depth instead of layering contrasting patterns and colors craft a serene atmosphere.

5. Try Using Aromatherapy

Despite being a small accessory for homes, candles possess the ability to create a cozy and welcoming glow thereby filling the complete room with a pleasing aroma. Scent memory is powerful in helping much transport to happy places or dreamy getaways. Consider finding a candle that takes you back in memories to your favorite travel destination or buy a eucalyptus-scented candle with relaxing, spa-like features. If you aren’t good with burning candles, consider using essential oil diffusers. They are an excellent option that lets you create your own unique scent blend. Few studies recommend particular scents that may ease depression and anxiety symptoms:

  • Orange
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood

In A Nutshell

Home is a space where we usually getaway after work stress or strainful woes of life. Therefore, our house requires stimulating a soothing and relaxing environment that helps you revive from the day. But, its ability to do so is commonly overlooked developing an area that can bore you if it is not wisely decorated. Your house either takes care of and embraces you or drops your energy leaving you exhausted. In the present frenetic times, it is more imperative than ever to build a calm and composed place that lets you rejuvenate. Building a serene abode exceeds the objects within a space and the design aesthetic. It begins with simple and conscious practices that let you feel stress-free.

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