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5 Easy Ways to Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Windows

5 Easy Ways To Add Aesthetic Interest To Your Windows

Windows are our gateway to the outside world once we close the door behind us inside the house. They are the source of light, energy, warmth and offer a glimpse of the outside from the comfort of our homes. Can any of us imagine a house without windows? It would resemble a dungeon. Windows are therefore a very important, integral and beautiful part of our homes which more often than not is taken by granted.

Adding Aesthetic Interest & Appeal

The truth is, when done up well, windows can completely alter the look and feel of the room and hence is a very important part of your room and home decor. To make your windows look gorgeous and stunning you need to add some aesthetic interest. These will help to enhance the innate beauty of the windows and allow them to flaunt their appeal and uniqueness. So if you are looking for some easy ways to add aesthetic interest to the windows you could quickly run through this article for some cool smart ideas.


You can never go wrong with these unless you end up choosing some terrible colors or designs. Valances are soft decorative fabrics that hang loosely from the top of the windows along the sides and help to cover the top part of the windows. You can choose to hang them as a standalone window treatment or along with curtain or windows shades and blinds. Often a window with curtains and blinds look incomplete and valances help to complete this look and add the much-needed drama. You can choose from a range of colors and designs to complement the look of the room and also helps to integrate the decor in a stunning way. They look regal and smart, help to hide the ugly window hardware and soften the look of the windows. You can choose from different valance designs like balloon, swag, scarf, ascot, standalone, etc.
Board Mounted Valances

Cornice Boards

The Cornice board is like a valance but is made of wood on all sides. You could choose to opt for wood finish or even have fabric to cover the wooden solid structure. Thus unlike valance, a cornice board is more structured and does not hand loose. They are sturdy and come in different shapes to suit your needs and decor. Wood or fabric wrapped, cornices help to define the windows, gives a structured, neat and streamlined appearance to the windows and helps to hold the room together. Like valance, cornice boards too offer a dramatic makeover to the ordinary windows and help them make a bold statement. You can choose from different shapes like arched, straight, step arch, curve step arch, scalloped, etc. They look stunning with well-matched drapes and even with blinds.
Natural Wood Cornice Boards


If you are looking to add aesthetic appeal to the windows no one can do this job better than drapes. Classic, timeless beauties with the royal appeal, drapes have continued to rule the hearts of homeowners in the world dominated by blinds and shades. The yards of silk, linen, lace, sheer fabric weave magic in the rooms with their grace and elegance. Hang the drapes high from near the ceiling and allow them to fall till the floor for maximum impact. They help to create the illusion of height and makes windows appear bigger than they are. Choose the fabric, color and design judiciously to help them blend well and complement the existing decor. Different fabrics and colors are used for different types of room decor like traditional, contemporary, modern and medieval. Take care to choose the drapery finials well to finish off the look. Customize your drapes to get the perfect look and fit for your windows.
Light Blocking Drapes

Blinds and Shades

Over the last few decades, blinds and shades have garnered immense popularity as window treatments. While shades are made of fabric, blinds can be made of metal, wood, PVC and also fabric. Using cords, cordless mechanism and now smart technology, these blinds and shades operate in up/down mechanism. Blinds come with slats that can be adjusted for light and view. Blinds and shades are known for their functional benefits as they help to control light, heat, protect the privacy and offer insulation. These blinds and shades come in a wide range of colors, textures, prints, patterns and materials to impart gorgeous stunning appeal to the windows and to the surrounding decor. Wood, natural materials like bamboo, elegant fabric effortlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal and interest of your windows. In shades, you could choose from the cellular honeycomb, roller, roman, pleated and for blinds, you could select from wood, aluminum, and faux wood and fabric ones.
Colored Blinds and Shades

Exterior Shades & Curb Appeal

Aesthetic interest and appeal extend not only indoors but to the exterior part of your house too. Curb appeal is considered very important as it creates the first impression on visitors visiting your house. To maintain universal curb appeal and add aesthetic interest you could consider installing exterior shades or awnings to your windows. They help to protect your interiors from heat and cold and also offer a uniform and streamlined look to the exterior part of the house.
For existing windows you could opt for any or all of these options to add aesthetic appeal and interest. Specialty-shaped windows like circular, arched, triangular etc. also help to add unique aesthetic appeal to your window space.

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