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5 Elite Blinds for Luxurious Beauty and Aesthetics

Best 5 Elite Blinds

Elegant and Luxurious Window Shades & Blinds

While most times you are busy looking for window treatments that are functional and value for money, sometimes your rooms and windows need something more than just a good pair of window shades and blinds. There must have been times when you have stood still looking across the room wondering if something was amiss. There is that feeling within you when you know that your room needs an accessory to make it look grand and gorgeous. You need to go beyond the mundane and the ordinary to create something truly extraordinary for your house.

There is so much you can do to impart elegance and sophistication to your rooms, but perhaps nothing works better than a new pair of window treatments for your gorgeous windows. They have the ability to transform your home in an instant. There are a number of blinds and shades which, apart from their versatility, can enhance the aesthetic value of your rooms drastically and lend a luxurious beauty and charm to the existing ambiance. We bring to you a list of 5 elite blinds that can weave magic into your homes.

5 Elite Blinds for your Homes

Graber 3 1/2 Inch Wooden Vertical Blinds

If you are looking for blinds that are unparalleled in their extravagance and exuberance it is difficult to find a better pair of blinds than the utterly stunning Wooden Vertical Blinds. This impressive pair of blinds is the perfect amalgamation of technology and aesthetics and these are brilliantly interwoven to create magic that can sweep your guests off with their exquisiteness. Made of real natural wood these 3 1/2 inch Wooden Vertical Blinds lends an enriched appearance to your windows. They are available in an assortment of colors, textures and designs and you can choose the one that blends beautifully with your home. Natural wood has a warmth and glow that is difficult to resist and the fine quality of the blinds adds just the right amount of glamor that is needed to give your rooms the much-needed makeover. They are easy to install and maintain and extremely durable. So with these charming Wooden Vertical Blinds, you land yourself with a window treatment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and value for money as well.
Wooden Vertical Blinds

2 -2 1/2 Inch Normandy Real Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds

This is another real wooden stunner that will cast a magical spell in your room with its elegance. Oozing with sophistication, charm and appeal, these Normandy Real Wood Blinds with their textured grains lend a premium and elite feel to your interiors. These blinds are perfect for both small and large windows. In addition to their beauty, the blinds come with the SmartPrivacy option that ensures that the slats close tightly, block out excess light, the slats do not slide out and cord fraying is prevented. They provide you with complete privacy. Being extremely lightweight they are easy to lift and lower. The textured look of the blinds is what contributes to their everlasting appeal and you can feel the difference they make to your room once they are installed. They blend seamlessly yet left an indelible impact on the décor and the people. They are available in sizes of 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch as per your needs and preference.

Accents Graber Sliding Panels Natural Shades

When choosing the correct window treatment for your homes there are several considerations. While weighing the pros and cons we give little thought to the impression they will create in the room and on the people. You will be amazed to see what window shades can do for your rooms. See the difference with these gorgeous Sliding Panel Natural Shades. These are perfect for rooms that have French doors or patio doors. Natural blinds are made of eco-friendly materials like Jute Rope, Bamboo Reed, Slit Bamboo, etc., which helps impart an earthly glow and essence to your rooms. Their unique natural colors and textures lend them a charm and beauty that make them stand out amongst other window treatments.
Sliding Panel Natural Shades

Graber Slide-Vue Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

There is so much richness and gorgeously packed into one shade that it is quite unbelievable. They are not only aesthetically pleasing and add a luxurious appeal to your rooms, but they are also extremely versatile. The blackout fabric ensures complete darkness in the rooms when you need it. The cellular fabric is extremely energy-efficient and the best insulating window treatments you will find in the market. The shades help preserve your privacy. Available in a range of colors, these Slide-Vue shades are perfect for any room and ideal solution for Patio doors, large and wide treatments, and room dividers.
Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

2 Inch Traditions Graber Specialty Wood Motorized Blinds

This is another elite pair of shades from Graber that looks to combine beauty with functionality and do an admirable job of it. The real wood blinds come with a richness that cannot be matched. They can blend with any décor and yet leave a lasting impression with their elegance and charm. These wood shades come with the motorized operation and can be operated from anywhere in the house. They are best for hard to reach windows. Even better, these specialty wood blinds can be integrated with any Z-wave based home automation system which means that they can be controlled through your smartphones or tablets.

If you are looking to upgrade your home to the next level and willing shell out a sizeable amount of money for it, do not hesitate to go for any of these elite blinds. They help create an opulent ambiance in your rooms, and their refined and stylish appearance can sweep you off your feet.

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